Saturday, February 25, 2012

Harper-hating media

BC Blue comments on the media frenzy over the Robocall "scandal".

And today Andrew Coyne climbed aboard the "conspiracy" bandwagon.  Note that he's now 'coyned' the term "Robocon" as a substitute for Robocall. Too cute.

It apparently hasn't occurred to Coyne that the "conspiracy" here is that first Liberals and now NDP partisans are coming out of the woodwork to claim they've been Robocalled by Conservatives.  It's a convenient, risk-free smear they can perpetuate till the cows come home.

Update: From BC Blue - NDP MP Pat ("Big Mouth") Martin being sued for defamation


Anonymous said...

They say governments defeat themselves. This scandal is just starting. This is worse than adscam. Adscam was about money. But this is electoral fraud with an INDEPENDANT investigation. Do all simple-minded conservatives think everything is a conspiracy against them? Even if no seats were effected, this is still fraud. I could just imagine your reaction if the Liberals had done this! Conservatives are such Harpocrites

Gerald said...

Hey Dude,guess what,you leftards lost.You're in the wilderness for 3.5 more years.They'll be a lot of lieberal and Ndppq real scandals by then. to the radio said...


The word is spelled independent.

Also, I remember the Liberals and the NDP were squawking about voter suppression all the way up to voting day.

And if a voter is too stupid to figure out where their polling station is then they don't deserve to vote.

Alain said...

Dude sounds like someone on drugs. Frankly this is just another attempt at inventing a scandal when there is no scandal. Coyne should be however very concerned about the UN's plan to control, tax and monitor the internet; which makes Bill C-30 look like a babe in the woods. Funny how this escapes our consensus media that prefer to spin fake scandals. Automated calling is not a scandal and is often used by all political parties and many others.

JR said...

"Consensus media" says it all. One-track minds at work.

Anonymous said...

The dude missed the liberal students voting early, and illegally.
Funny how that wasn't of interest to the media

bertie said...

If you Liberal idiots are too stupid to read directions that are clearly stated on the polling card that elections Canada sent each Canadian voter,you don,t deserve to get a vote.Wake up and educate yourselves,take some responsibility for your lives and quit believing the BS scandal's that your leaders try to employ with the aid of the MSM every day.Taking advice from a robot or whatever you want to call it is like asking a newborn baby to change his own diaper.Get some brains and get into the 21st century.YOU are your own worst enemy and no one feels sorry for you anymore.JUST don,t vote and you will feel better,because all your bitching and complaining about these phony scandal,s is turning your friends and family off.They cannot believe you are that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Ian Lee, a professor at Carleton University's Sprott School of Business says it's too early to make any snap judgements.

"Any time somebody is interfering with an election, of course that's serious," he said on The West Block. "But I think (Senator Baker) has already convicted the other side of having done these things that they are alleged to have done. We don't know how many people were involved, we don't know how many phone calls were made, we don't know how many people went to the wrong place and gave up voting."

Moreover, the slight uptick in voter turnout between the 2008 and 2011 elections, Lee said, suggests that if anybody was trying to suppress the vote, they "completely failed at it."

The professor said it would be more responsible to wait for the process to unfold and for the results of each investigation to be revealed.

Once the specifics of what happened, who did what to whom, and whether there was manifest interference in the election are known, then politicians and members of the public can start pointing fingers he said.

"I find it very farfetched that you can throw an election, which is certainly what Pat Martin of the NDP suggested, the actual election was transformed because of this," Lee said. "There's an awful lot of exaggeration and even hysteria going on when we don't even have the facts in yet."

Read it on Global News: Global News | 'Robocalls' could lead to byelections: Senator

JR said...

Ian Lee, level headed as usual.

What are the facts? We don't know. What actual evidence is there? We don't know much.

Any "hysteria" is being generated by the usual sloppy and/or Tory-smearing left/lib media. The rest is Lib/NDP partisans piling on with claims they were duped by fake calls. The only thing credible about those claims is that they're stupid enough to have been taken in by such calls had there actually been any.

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