Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christopher Hitchens vs William Craig - Does God Exist?

William Lane Craig debated Christopher Hitchens on the question - Does God Exist?
Hosted by Biola University and moderated by Hugh Hewitt:

Though less than satisfying, as are most debates of this kind, this one was interesting and entertaining. Dr. Craig performed very well and Hitchens was relatively well behaved.  I'd say Dr. Craig won.


john said...

I would really love to why people make such a big deal about Christopher Hitchens. Exactly what did he do that was worth celebration? He was a snotty english fag who hated people.

He produced no new scientific discoveries.

He invented no new technology.

He performed no major acts of charity.

His works of ..."literature" although popular today amoung those just as angry and snotty as he was are not the sort of thing that will last through the ages.

His claim to fame was that he was a snotty, angry, atheist fag who hated people. -- THAT'S IT.

After his death one of his admirers eulogized him saying "He was so very great at being Hitchens".

Oh great!! What a contribution! What an achievement! How worthy of admiration!

Funny thing, I know many people who are great at being THEMSELVES and no one is running around bleating about how wonderful THEY are.

I would say that Hitchens' one worthy contribution was dieing. In doing that he removed an angry, snotty, sneering altogether vicious and unpleasnt asshole from the planet.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Hitchens would have debated a presuppositionalist apologist instead, someone like Joe Boot. If only Greg Bahnsen were still alive too.

Anonymous said...

Well John, an Oxford university education may have helped you, NOT.