Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ugly headlines

Above the fold on the front page of today's Vancouver Sun:

Mobile euthanasia - Six units will travel around the country to help the Dutch die at home.
Six "mobile euthanasia units" will become available in the Netherlands starting Thursday, to zip around this tiny and remarkably liberal country to help Dutch citizens facing an "unbearable" and "hopeless" medical situation die in their homes.

A group of prominent citizens, meanwhile, has been lobbying since 2009 for a major expansion in the scope of Dutch assisted-death laws, allowing older people who are "tired of living" but have no serious medical problem to end it all without the involvement of a physician. ...
Learning classroom politics - BCTF president Susan Lambert discusses her union on the verge of a strike, and a scolding that changed her life. 

The BCTF is arguably one of the most militant, radical unions in the country.  Susan Lambert's benign granny looks belie her militantly radical leftist stance and leadership of the BCTF.


Anonymous said...

Thank God we live in good old conservative Canada with a tremendous leader like PM Harper! I mean we would NEVER allow this type of abomination in Canada. Could you imagine the outrage from the citizens of such a conservative nation such as Canada? I mean abortion and selective abortions that is currently available and publicly funded is soooo different than this horrible news! These people need a true conservative leader like our great PM Harper……….

oxygentax said...

Let me get this straight - a school principal, using professional judgement, questioned her on marks that she handed to her students... marks that she arrived at using a combination of actual results and professional judgement. THIS incident is what pushed her towards her current position?

Nice little spin she has there. Too bad professional judgement should have very little if any bearing on a person's marks, and the principal was right to question. Professional judgement isn't automatically granted with a university degree, it's learned and earned over years of experience, and it doesn't sound like she's earned or learned it even now.

JR said...

Lambert has been on the multi-culti, "social justice" bandwagon since square one. Adjusting marks based on race and other "group" identities comes naturally to her. The BCTF web pages are saturated with this kind of "thinking".

As a union, BCTF is basically intransigent. In 30 years there's been only one successfully negotiated contract. All others were legislated.

As far as I'm concerned public sector workers who are in a near monopoly situation shouldn't have the right to strike anyway.