Tuesday, February 21, 2012

UAW and "The 99% Spring"

No more "Occupy", now it's "The 99% Spring" which the Daily Caller says is led by the UAW.
It fits Obama's class warfare re-election messaging so the Dems will use it.

That's in the USA.  No doubt it'll spill over into Canada, also with union funding and leadership.




Anonymous said...

I got a laugh out of the old NDP crusades to bring in a new tax on income over $85'000.00 a year.

Then the NDP was alerted to the fact that the majority of CAW worker in the Auto industry in canada can make over $100'000.00 a year and the married couples pull in $150'000.00 plus .
The Occupy Topronto camp was a joke with CUPE and the CAW there, these are the fat-cats living off corporate welfare and tax dollars as the uppper 20% of the 1%er's .
GM went broke from the $60 billion in future costs demanded by the Union bosses that scammed the peon on the line, canada has $200 billion in costs just for the Federal dead-wood wanting more pay and less hours along with Gold-plated pensions and benefits canada can only dream of.

Someone show the Greeks the Drummond report because the word on the street is that greeks want to flood into canada and refugees and bankrupt us next.
We're broke as it is and McLiar wil lstill spend Ontario wealthy to buy-off the Unions again.

Anonymous said...

"99% spring"- because the arab spring is going so well.
no doubt kenny lewenza and his merry band of elites will hop on this bandwagon hoping to show the country they're "just like us". CUPE, OPSEU, and PSAC stand at the ready!

brad maynard

Thucydides said...

Rebrand it as the UAW $50 billion spring (paid from your tax dollars).

too bad the Prime Minister could not simply dump the GoC's GM shares and cause a market meltdown. That would finish off the Obama administration and the UAW pretty much all at once.

Payback for Keystone and for the UAW and "Big Three" stiffing Canadian taxpayers for so many years.