Thursday, February 16, 2012


From the producers of "Not Evil, Just Wrong" comes "FrackNation":



Halfwise said...

Talk about your "Inconvenient Truth." I love it when facts come out that completely destroy a position taken for political purposes.

The fact that methane was present in that tap water years before fracking started is incontrovertible evidence that fracking did not cause that tap water to have methane in it.

How the Gas Land guy could attempt to dismiss it as irrelevant just proves that he is committed to his politics, not the truth.

JR said...

The eco-nuts (not to mention OPEC) must be spooked by the shale gas and oil revolution. As this article says: it will"change everything".

Anonymous said...​a18PbXmnVtY Phlem has already lied to some interviewies telling them he was making a film to save Ireland from fracking.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, you fucking ignorant yankees. I can't wait for your country to finish imploding you can see the shitstorm for what it really is while your corporate overlords continue to rule you, brainwashing you with fear.