Thursday, February 23, 2012

The new Luddites threaten prosperity


Halfwise said...

The benefits of productivity improvement!

If you don't want to improve productivity but still want to live high on the hog, you can just borrow money instead, from whoever is trusting or foolish enough to lend it to you. I posted an editorial from China Daily News today over on my blog about how this might turn out. Stop by!

JR said...

Interesting editorial. Sounds like a tough message from the Chinese politburo. And if there are any Luddites in China they'd better lie low.

Halfwise said...

I agree.
For developed countries, a message that emphasizes productivity as the key to prosperity will sell, as it supports some sustainability messages popular amongst the more earnest members of society as well as the competitive needs of the more robust types.
But for developing countries, the message of growth is probably more appealing. Get better, get bigger, get richer.

climatecriminal said...

these people don't actually live like they want the rest of us to live so that tells me they don't actually beleive the crap they're spewing if they did they would all be living in pre-industrial communes by now.