Sunday, February 26, 2012


Catching up on more climate hanky-panky (cribbed directly from FOS email):

FakeGate (James Delingpole's designation)
The possibly criminal misdeeds of Dr Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute and Chairman of the AGU’s Task Force on Scientific Ethics (sic!), in trying to undermine the reputation of the Heartland Institute, have been all over the blogosphere. Ken Gregory has summarised events on the Friends of Science website ... I am not going to add to that. If you are not up to date on the ethics boss having had his hand in the cookie jar (his arm, some say), you should consult the background at WUWT , or the dedicated site <>.
Previous Heartland correspondence with Gleick is here.
Gleick’s revealing 2007 testimony for the US Senate is here.
DeSmogBlog, the HuffPost and ThinkProgress assisted in distributing the unchecked allegations and forged document.
An interesting record of the manipulations by DeSmogBlog propagandists is here.

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