Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dumb poll - democracy vs dictatorship

This idiotic poll appeared in today’s Globe and mail:

Efficient’ in what sense? What is meant by "works best"?

Dictatorships are certainly ‘efficient’ at producing and maintaining failed states. Most dictatorships in existence today are relative economic basket cases. And name a former dictatorship in recent history that didn’t cause chaos and pain for its citizens.
According to R.J. Rummel in "Death By Government" dictatorships were responsible for hundreds of millions deaths during the 20th century. So I suppose that makes them ‘efficient’ killers.


Anonymous said...

Judging by this poll I think the free world is in trouble. I would bet the majority of people in Canada do not have a clue what life in a dictatorship is like. These days most barely seem to be able to grasp what democracy is.
20 years of socialist idealism has certainly taken its toll.

hunter said...

Hey, great minds think alike! I posted that same poll on my blog, with exactly the same reaction you had.

It's a stupid poll, for stupid people. 40% want to be ruled by a dictator, yet they call PM Harper a bully, as if that's a very bad thing, go figure.

JR said...

Yes, it's hard to tell who's dumber. The pollster or the 57% of respondents not choosing 'democracy'.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Hunter I always laugh at the peolpe who call bush a dictator they all know he's up for election unlike Chavez, Fidel,...

Now whose more efficient at respecting your individual rights?