Saturday, January 26, 2008

"No wonder Canadians are confused and ill-informed"

At the "The Torch" Mark Collins posts a couple of excellent letters on Afstan he wrote to the Globe and Mail and the National Post.

Mark is unimpressed with Don Martin’s journalistic abilities:
...his vision is rather limited. He's basically all attitude and little cattle...:

No wonder Canadians are confused and ill-informed about the situation in Afghanistan. his column "Canadian troops far from alone" (Jan. 24)...[...] he gets quite a few basic facts wrong--all the more emarkable since he was in Afghanistan himself just half a year ago.

[The litany of Martin’s errors follows]
Couldn't agree more. In December Mr. Martin wrote up his assessments of the year’s best and worst politicians. My thought at the time was that in a similar list of journalists he would easily be among the worst.


Anonymous said...

"similar list of journalists he would easily be among the worst."

Don't hold your breath waiting for such a list to appear in a newspaper. Journalists never report negatively on each other.

Their mudslinging is reserved for everyone ELSE.

As for Martin? --PLEASE-- That no-talent, wobbling piss tank only went Ass-ram-istan because he heard they served free drinks on the plane.

Anonymous said...

Too right! I expect Martin's editor imposes a 2:30 pm deadline on this guy because after 3 the guy can't type.