Friday, January 4, 2008

Self defense (II)

It seems most people 'get it'.


hunter said...

So, people still respect the right to defend yourself, you think this would be a no brainer, but with the coddling of young offenders, I wasn't sure people would agree. Nice to see.

JR said...

Yes, it is nice to see that Joe Citizen has his head screwed on right.

It seems the only one who don't get it are the lefty 'elites' and the police.

Anonymous said...

It seems the only one who don't get it are the lefty 'elites' and the police.

Baloney. Right wing crackpots think "minimum force" is supposed to mean do nothing? The wording of the question shows your bias.

Minimum force means you can't fire an Uzi at shadows. It means if you wake up and see someone running away from your house not obviously carrying a weapon, you can't simply drop him with your scoped sniper rifle. But if you catch someone in your house and you can't be certain they are not reaching for a weapon, then you can shoot them. Dead. There is no requirement to try and only "injure" them.

It's called being reasonable.

I'm sure you would not do the same wild extrapolation for your "defend at any cost" wording. Or would you? Do you think "defend at any cost" means chasing the person out of your house, then chasing someone you think is the same guy down the street in your armoured Hummer and shoot him with a rocket propelled grenade? How about shooting all the street people and general lowlife in your area, just in case one of them is the perp. You did say "at any cost".

Be reasonable. And it would be nice if each and every question was not framed as "lefty elites" or something. Sheesh!