Tuesday, January 22, 2008

“military sugarcoating what is going on..” - Newman on Afstan

This incredible baloney from Don Newman’s interview with John Manley on Politics today:

11:40 Newman: ..you say there has to be better communication, better understanding by Canadians ... the implication being the government is in a way, uh, or maybe the military is sugar-coating what is going on, uh because we hear about the successes all the time in Afghanistan and then we hear almost back-channel both NATO and the US are reviewing their tactics in Afghanistan because the Taliban is doing better than it did. So Canadians are not getting straight goods from the government?

Sure Don, all Canadians get from the media is the good news.
Correction from Manley:
12:50 Manley: Not that I would ever be critical of the media, but Don, ... when we visited a project in the center of Kabul, an amazing redevelopment project largely funded by CIDA ...the whole package ... A group of Canadian reporters came to see it because it was a CIDA project. That afternoon, regrettably a Canadian soldier was killed. The whole [CIDA] story was killed so that we could report ... the incident, then a couple of days later we show the ramp ceremony, then we show the return, then we show the funeral. Canadians have the impression that all we do over there is sit and get shot. Well we’re into a lot more and balancing that story is an important element of ensuring that Canadians actually know what it is they either support or oppose.

Good for John Manley!

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Roy said...

are we sure manelys a liberal he for the afghanistan war, and he makes sence. out of all the Liberals Manely was the only one I ever really had respect for.

hunter said...

Manley is a classical Liberal, he represents what Liberals "used to be", not the garbage they are now.

He is truely driven to make Canada a better country, like PM Harper is, that's why I like them both. They park their egos, and work together.

JR said...

Roy, Hunter, Couldn't agree more. Manley would make a decent Conservative.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Manley is a classical Liberal, he represents what Liberals "used to be", not the garbage they are now.

How true. I think what's happening now is that with Harper taking up the centre of the political spectrum, the Liberals have chosen to eke out some space closer to Taliban Jack, the Greens and the Bloc, rather than battling it out for the centre.

I bet there are a lot of disillusioned Liberals out there.

But back to JR's post, this is just more of CBC acting as an appendage of the LPC or vice versa. I can't bear to watch 'Pawlitics' anymore.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Our beloved CBC should be restricted to Farm Reports.