Saturday, January 26, 2008

Up yours!

Mark Steyn’s Town Hall interview with Hugh Hewitt on Mark’s "travails with the Canadian Human Rights Commission":
Great line, great interview (transcript, audio).

I was asked whether I wanted to get off the hook, and I said no. I wanted to take the hook and shove it up the collective butt of the Canadian thought police.
... it was widely quoted in 'The Economist', and around the world, in fact, and 'The Australian'.


Anonymous said...

Wow! an example of free speech! I'm amazed. (real conservative)

jckirlan said...

More telling, unreported in Canada. The media here should be collectively flogged.

hunter said...

Thanks for posting, and jckirlan is right, where's this being reported on in Canada? The National Post is the only one.

JR said...

Yeah, I really like that "collective flogging" idea.