Thursday, January 3, 2008

Humble Canadian braggadocio

In the comments on a BBC weblog covering the USA beat were several from Canadians, including these two:

18. Just remember that Canada is part, in fact, the best part, of North America. We may be quiet and humble compared to our southern neighbours, but we still exist.

26. ... Yes Canada is seen as boring and uneventful. Our motto is the less than exciting "Peace, Order and Good Government", but the fact is that Canada matters. As the most diverse nation in the world, we're embarking on an experiment that could be a true alternative to both the U.S. and the European model. Come and visit us. You might be surprised by what you find.

Yecchh! And we wonder how it is that we’re known worldwide for being boring, quiet, diverse, humble braggarts.



Halfwise said...

Nothing ironic about trumpeting our humility, is there?

Maybe we need a "Smug Alert" system to warn of this embarrassing stuff.

JR said...

Yes - and 'embarrassed' is how I felt reading those comments.