Wednesday, January 16, 2008

“Oh Canada, where are you taking us?”

This little anecdote from Mark Steyn was a real hoot:

The great Janet Albrechtsen - with whom I had the honor of sharing a stage in Sydney a year ago - writes in The Australian on some of my little legal difficulties up north. Terrific opening:
"But you must understand," implored a well-intentioned woman in the audience, "multiculturalism is Canada's gift to the world."
If Australia is set to follow Canada, then thanks, but no thanks. Call me ungrateful, but we should have returned the gift to Canada long ago. I say that as someone who has long adored Canada. Its politics may be as dripping wet as Vancouver, but the people are warm and funny, and there is something sweet about the US's insecure, slightly wimpy northern neighbour. Yet there comes a point when weakness morphs into a reckless death wish.
That point is about now.
Ms. Albrechtsen’s column goes on to discuss Ezra Levant’s and Mark’s 'human rights' cases and the implications for Australia, closing with:

Great stuff.

Update: Thanks to Joanne in the comments, here's the Jack's Newswatch item on this post.
So, we need to watch Canada. As it goes, so will we. And even if you can stomach the idea of handing over power over social policy to unelected bureaucrats and self-opinionated lawyers, you might like to hang on to free speech. Oh Canada, where are you taking us?

It was one of those rare, particularly sunny days in Vancouver in November when, addressing an audience at the University of British Columbia, I suggested that multiculturalism and its partner in crime, moral relativism, were leading to the demise of Western values.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

It was a great article. A must-read for every Canadian!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jack's Newswatch picked up this post, JR. Interesting discussion there.

Anonymous said...

Multi-culturalism is Canada's gift to the world and burden for many of its real citizens too. (real conservative)

JR said...

Thanks for the tip, Joanne. Much appreciated.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Spot on!

JR said...

BCF, Good to see you're back in the game!