Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The road to serfdom

On certain fronts the similarities between Britain and Canada are remarkable. Roger Thornhill observes on coming changes to the UK National Health System:

Authoritarian just does not seem to quite cover it, even. There is a hint of indentured servitude about it all.
This, of course, is being dressed up as a "Constitution for the NHS", where so-called "patient rights" actually translate into obligations and limits on freedom.

and on the BBC’s response:

The BBC appears to swallow it whole and not even offer a whimper of dissent or critical analysis of the implications this brings with it. The ease by which the BBC abdicates its duties towards the people of the UK appears to have no bounds. Again. However many times it happens, it still has the capacity to disgust.

And for a somewhat less reserved take, try The Devil's Kitchen.

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