Friday, January 11, 2008

Ezra in kangaroo court today

Today Ezra Levant submits to interrogation by the Alberta HRC. And true to character, to mark the occasion he republished the cartoons.

It will no doubt be a weird experience but I don’t think Ezra will let them grind him down. I’m looking forward to his report.

[h/t Dr. Roy] and more commentary at Marginalized Action Dinosaur.

Stop the HRC


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how the Elmasry case comes out , Mark Steyn had only repeated a comment made outside of canada and yet the CHRC may treat it as if in the 1st person.

Since the Quran has many racists and vile comments in it and it too is from outside of Canada and yet printed here , then will the Quran now be subject to charges for the CHRC to ban it or Charge anyone repeating verses in Public .

Interesting twist , seems like the Quran will be on trial and thism ay come back to bite Elmasry in the butt big-time .

JR said...

Interesting thought but somehow I think the HRC crowd are such a postmodern, multiculti bunch they'd have great difficulty criticizing the Koran. Slamming Christianity and the West, on the other hand, is no problem for them - in fact it's what they live for.