Friday, January 25, 2008

Media "cowardice camouflaged as principle"

The support from the Canadian media for Ezra Levant's human rights "case" has been pathetic. Never mind "support" there's been next to no news coverage. That's astounding! A magazine publisher being hauled before a "human rights" commission for printing news is of no interest!

In today's Sun Peter Worthington reminds us that this fits the pattern for a cowardly media:

We all remember those Danish cartoons, that most newspapers around the world declined to publish on grounds that they would offend Muslims.
... it was one of our "free" media's sorriest moments -- a persuasive example of cowardice camouflaged as principle. The cartoons were not religious slurs; they were political comment against Muslim extremism.


Stop the HRC

An aside: The Free Dominion petition (click the above graphic) still sits at a pathetic 2000 signatures. No Worthington, no Jonas, no Cosh, no [your favourite pundit here]. Are they withholding on some principle or other? Or does the petition just need better promotion / publicity?


Anonymous said...

I think the reason for the news blackout is payback for Ezra rubbing the MSM's nose in their cowardice and hypocrisy over claiming to respect religion on the Danish cartoons while publishing the Piss Christ etc in the name of free speech.
He really let'em have it in a couple of interviews.
They didn't publish the cartoons because they are gutless cowards, now they won't cover the HRC story because they are childish and petty idiots who put getting even with Ezra above defending free speech.

Brian said...

Nonsense ... the MSM is afraid to publish the issue. It is really bizarre , because if the HRC abuses continues unabated , it will not be long before the progressives in the MSM will become the hunted.

... but as usual the MSM prefers to hide on matters of principle.

Unknown said...

The whole issue is so clouded. On the one hand you have the Levant & Steyn/Macleans matter, coupled with the whole Richard Warman/CHRC thing which threatens to become a real can of worms. A lot of people & institutions have a lot at stake here and we don't have access to what's happening behind closed doors. I think this may be the calm before the storm - in fact I am hoping it is. Egad's that sounds paranoid.

JR said...

BCF, I too am hoping you're right that this is actually being discussed behind closed doors and will break out soon. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in some editorial board rooms to hear what, if anything, is being said.

My own paranoia is that there are way too many people out there who, like the jerk Warren Kinsella, support Warman and think HRC kangaroo courts are just ducky. In which case the HRCs would be even more empowered and emboldened. That would be truly scary.