Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bottled water baloney

Based on spurious leftist/eco-activist/dimwit notions, a Surrey CUPE union president and school trustee urged the city to ban bottled water:
... You really should be using reusable bottles [Thank you. Now bugger off and mind your own business.]
... Other cities ... have said 'no' to bottled water [Idiots unite!]
... Bottled water leads to water shortages; [Blatant bullcrap!]
- bottled water contributes to climate change because of the fossil fuels burned to transport the water; [Bwwaahahaa!]
- landfills cannot support bottled water because many of the single-use bottles are nonrecyclable; [Bollocks!]
- bottled water is not safer than tap water; [And so?]...
- water is a human right as recognized by the United Nations in 2010. [Where's my 'right' to choose the bottled variety? And, as if the UN were a credible organization!]
Not surprisingly some dissenters .. begged to differ.

Sadly, it's all busybody, eco-do-good nonsense that school trustees bought into, unanimously

And it's more evidence of how our 'education' system has morphed into an indoctrination system run by idiots.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to argue the fact that waste management has become a large problem in the world, with landfills growing to enormous sizes and recycling rates remaining dismally low. The number of plastic bottles produced by the bottled water industry and subsequently discarded by consumers has only exacerbated this problem.
Besides the sheer number of plastic bottles produced each year, the energy required to manufacture and transport these bottles to market severely drains limited fossil fuels. Bottled water companies, due to their unregulated use of valuable resources and their production of billions of plastic bottles have presented a significant strain on the environment.

JR said...

I agree. It is "hard to argue" that. And you fail.

Waste management is quite efficiently and effectively done in develpoped countries. And waste landfills are a tiny, tiny fraction of available land. Also plastic bottles are a tiny, tiny fraction of landfills. So the "strain on the environment" from plastic bottles is negligible.

"limited fossil fuels" are wasted on plastic bottles.
More nonsense. Al Gore uses more fossil fuel in a year than goes into plastic bottles. Anyway, fossil fuels are hardly running out. That's why they're so cheap.

Notice also that this ban is for bottled "water". The "arguments" for it mostly target "plastic bottles" (except for that dopey observation that tap water is just as good as bottled water). So, if plastic is the problem, instead of banning "bottled water" why not press for glass or aluminum? And why target water, likely the healthiest of all the bottled drinks (not that it's anyone's but the consumers' business anyhow).

This plastic bottle "issue" represents another environmental fetish and bottled water is the bogus whipping boy - as McDonald's is to the "junk" food police.

Eco-busybodies - buzz off!

Xanthippa said...

I saw a t-shirt that would have fit in nicely with this policy.

It said: 'Conserve water - drink beer!'

JR said...

I'll drink to that.