Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corrupt, cozy concensus media

Great rant by Brian Lilley:
... The state broadcaster is the biggest customer of the Canadian Press. The Globe and The Star own the Canadian Press. The National Post relies on sports content from CBC to keep itself and its website alive and CTV’s parent company, Bell Media, just launched a joint bid with CBC for Olympic coverage.
... They won’t tell you the state broadcaster is thumbing its nose at taxpayers and refusing a court order because it goes against their financial interests, they could even lose advertising from CBC’s generous ad budget which it uses to keep other media outlets in line. ...
So that's how they get their share of the CBC's $1.1B taxpayer subsidy.


johndoe124 said...

Yeah, I usually watch Lilley, Levant and Adler every night. Some nights they just hit the ball out of the park and I think on this occasion Lilley hit a grand slam. He nailed it when he intimated that Angus is either stupid or a liar. Personally I think he's a typical cowardly politician who wouldn't know a principle if it slap his face a few times. Just another ****ing spineless weasel, like Moore.

JR said...

SunTV is definitely a breath of much needed fresh air after all those decades of media pollution, propaganda and pc-pusillanimity.