Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stock Day: "The Saudis will regret this..."

More from Ezra on the Saudi lawfare against "EthicalOil.org":

So far the only government reps to come out strongly in support of EthicalOil are Jason Kenney and Rona Ambrose. NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar was also critical of the Saudis. Good for them!

Nothing from the PMO or Foreign Affairs.
Nothing either from CTV or CBC (CowardlyTV and CowardlyBroadcastingCorp.).
Nothing from any other MSM outlet.
Nothing from any free press or free speech advocacy group.
Nothing ....

[YouTube video courtesy of BlazingCatFur]


maryT said...

The PM is travelling and speaking at the UN today.

RJ65 said...

Yes, and I am sure that the PM will make Canada's position on this matter known to the Saudi representatives.

Hats off to Minister Kenny and Ambrose (my MP) for well chosen words in response to this issue. And to Mr. Dewar. I wonder when a conservative will compliment him again, but he deserves it on this one.

Very disappointed in Mr. Baird though.

National Post has an article on this issue, but it is in the business section, not the news section. Perhaps tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

...they are all gawdamn cowards!"

Bravo Ezra!

Anonymous said...

Ethicaloil.org should announce that it is suing CTV. When CTV settles as it undoubtly will eth-oil should make the settlement enough that they can put ads on 10 American stations. If those stations cave to blackmail then sue them and use the settlement to place ads on 20 more stations AND to hire some Hells Angels to slap around a few Saudi lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The irony is the Saudis kind of proved the whole point of ethicaloil.org by doing this. They can just roll out a new ad that includes this incident and say look they even try and muzzle criticism in Canada! You still wanna buy oil from these terrorists? Do ya punk?

JR said...

I see in today's Post that Baird's office has released a statement which "said that he would defend the right of "the press and third-party organizations ... to speak their minds."