Friday, September 30, 2011

Crack pipes for children in Vancouver

Further to the post below on the Supreme Court's sanctioning of dope injection is this video (via Robert at sda) about Vancouver's "...failed state of a neighbourhood in Vancouver's downtown east side" and the "...small band of ideologues at UBC and Coastal Health" pushing these insane policies:


Mark Hasiuk's story in the Vancouver Courier.


Anonymous said...

Now that InSite is back to work PROMOTING drug use I suppose a small percentage of you will be picking up the habit?

I didn't think so you bunch of fascist fucks.

Now why don't you come down to the downtown east side and try bullying us in person!

Chickenshits. You don't even know what it is like to walk on the streets. Stay in your cars and drive home bitches.


That's right 9-0!

Harperor not a leader!

JR said...

Hey, neat! A downtown east side addict with internet.

"9-0" - That doesn't make Insite any less insane, just legal.

Typical loopy leftist response, though. Sour, rude, profane and threatening violence, even when they've won the round. And they call their opponents "fascists"?!

Anonymous said...

I believe I said "FASCIST FUCKS."
Get it right pops.


Anonymous said...

If the federal government takes over the marijuana and prostitution industries–or at least legalizes them, making them taxable–we’ll see a lot of our money troubles clear up quick, and not just from the taxes themselves. The entire over-burdened law-enforcement system will catch a break, and although a whole lot of gangsters will be out of a job, the new economy will quickly absorb them, while decent Canadians can step into these thriving new industries that do no more harm than many, considerably less harm than most.
Many oppose this kind of thinking on moral grounds, but their morality is as outmoded and useless–as reprehensible in its hypocrisies–as the original Prohibition itself. But once we start down this road, we have to be very careful it doesn’t become an opportunity squandered–on wars of choice, or on tax-cuts for the rich, or on any other genuinely immoral enterprise. There aren’t that many victimless crimes to capitalize on, or sins so sweet that Canadians will repeatedly, and at point of purchase, pay a tax on them. Once those are gone, they really are gone, and there isn’t a federal bureaucracy in all the world that can create any more of them. They’re one of our truly finite resources, and we abuse them at our own peril.

Thompson said...

I believe I said "FASCIST FUCKS." Get it right pops. burp