Friday, September 23, 2011

Mark Milke: CTV undermining Canadian freedoms

Mark Milke's Troy Media column:

... too many Western media outlets and businesses capitulate to tyrannies, or worse, help them injure freedom.
... Here in Canada, the latest cave-in comes from CTV. That television network has refused to air advertisements about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.
... CTV’s lawyered-up excuse is hollow.
... CTV’s lawyers and executives are poster boys for the deliberate obtuseness and moral betrayal of core Western freedoms.

Mark on SunTV (CTV's "useful idiots"):

[Video via BlazingCatFur]


bertie said...

CRTC should take away their license.

Alain said...

Don't overlook the fact that Bell owns CTV and Bell does business in Saudi Arabia. That is no excuse, but I suspect that has more to do with their refusal.

JR said...

I've also heard it said that Bell does business with the Saudis. Google reveals one reference dating back to the 80's which states they had a $1 billion consulting contract. There's also a company called Saudi Bell. But I've searched BCE and Bell corporate docs and can find no mention of either.

Red Tory said...

So when can we be expecting "conservatives" to be boycotting CTV and Bell Global Media (in all its manifestations)?

Or are you folks all righteous talk and no action?