Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vancouver's green Orwellian nightmare

Harvey Enchin's column provides a rare, clear glimpse at where Vancouver's "Greenest City" plans are likely to lead:
... The foundation document that served as the basis for the measures city council approved in July (Vancouver 2020 A Bright Green Future: An Action Plan for Becoming the World’s Greenest City by 2020) opposes ... growth.
... If Vancouver’s green action plan was a benign program of backyard chickens and bike lanes, it could be laughed off as another zany flight of fancy by Mayor Gregor Robertson. But it isn’t. It is a radical departure from Canadian values, from enlightened capitalism and from our culture of freedom and democracy.
... There are no detailed costs in the green action plan, only a hint of the support expected from federal and provincial governments...
...The drafters of Vancouver 2020 are shocked by our ignorance of the environment and they propose that ecological literacy — or rather, their ecoideology — be part of the education curriculum on par with reading, writing and arithmetic. [If you think this is just a flight of fancy read this front page story in Friday's Vancouver Sun].
... That Vancouver city council approved ordinances to implement this self-righteous manifesto, its attack on freedom and its Orwellian Big Brother implications should have sent a shudder down the spine of everyone who lives here.
It certainly sends a shudder down my spine.

Harvey Enchin for Mayor!!


Alain said...

I suggest that those living in Vancouver insist that their municipal government stick to its mandate, which is providing garbage removal, street lighting and street maintenance and policing. They failed big time in the policing area more than once.

City council does not need to spend any time or money if they favour backyard livestock; they simply remove any bylaw that made it illegal. In other words, just get out of the way. As long as we continue to elect such busybodies whatever the level of government, we must expect more of the same.

JR said...

Good suggestion, Alain. Unfortunately Mayor Robertson et al (elected with the help of $300K from the Tides Foundation) has created and approved a brand new loony "greenest city" mandate. I don't think the Vancouverites who voted him into office, many (most?) of whom fancy "green", realize (yet) what it will cost them.

Alain said...

That is indeed very interesting on two accounts. First to accept funding from a foreign interest should be illegal, and second if I am not mistaken the Tides Foundation is one of George Soros'. Why are these things not exposed during the campaign? I am assuming they were not.