Monday, September 19, 2011

Saudis threaten lawsuits against Ethical Oil ad

Story at  This is the ad the Saudis want bannned from the airwaves: 

The pussies at CTV have caved in to the threat of a lawsuit.


maryT said...

Didn't ctv/cbc also refuse to show the cartoons a few years ago.

JR said...

Yes, I believe so. It's time for these networks to revise what the first "C" in their names signifies from "Canadian" to "Cowardly".

Anonymous said...

Gee , it looks like Jason Kenney and Rona Ambrose werent afraid to pick up the flag and poke the Saudis in the eye with it.Good for them and many other canucks who also warned the Saudis to mind their own people, whom they are exploiting, using oil.


JR said...

Yes, good for Kenney and Ambrose. But I wonder where Harper and Baird are? A solid blast against the Saudis from them might help stiffen CTV's spine.