Thursday, September 22, 2011

Modern day witch hunt

Italian seismologists on trial for not predicting L’Aquila quake:
Six seismologists and one government official in Italy are on trial for alleged negligence and manslaughter by failing to warn the residents of the city of L'Aquila of the earthquake that hit the area in 2009.
... If found guilty they could be imprisoned for up to 15 years.
... Most of the deaths were blamed, however, on the collapse of buildings that had not been constructed according to the standards required for a quake-risk region.
Nuts! The location, timing and magnitude of earthquakes cannot be predicted. Period. Besides, l'Aquila lies in a zone of known earthquake vulnerability with records dating back centuries. If there is a crime here it wasn't the seismologists who committed it. Rather, look at those responsible for building construction (for negligence) and the prosecutors (for stupidity).


maryT said...

This is the stupidist thing ever. So when will the lawsuits come from those involved in any disaster.
This ranks right up there with the wrongful birth case.

Alain said...

So I should be able to sue Al Gore, David Suzuki and a multitude of others due to global warming not happening. I figure I have lost income since I have not been able to establish my citrus orchard as planned.

JR said...

You've got to wonder how this could even get started much less result in a trial.