Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Fourth-trimester abortion"

That's how Mark Steyn referred to Katrina Effert's murder of her newborn son. Effert's 2nd degree murder conviction was downgraded to "infanticide" and given a 3-year suspended sentence by Alberta superior court judge Joanne Veit:

" what sense was Miss Effert a “mother without support”? She lived at home with her parents, who provided her with food and shelter. How smoothly the slick euphemisms — “accept and sympathize . . . onerous demands” — lubricate the slippery slope."
And even if you accept that "mother without support [etc]" bullcrap it's not as if there weren't alternatives to murder, like, say, adoption.  What's next? Fifth and sixth-trimester "abortion"?

More at Blazing Cat Fur.

Outrageous! And, except for Sun Media, barely a peep out of the MSM.


maryT said...

And a big story on Global tonight, pups of killer dogs finally ready to go to new owners. They have been trained and the trainer hopes they will not follow their parents.
People get more upset with the mistreatment of animals than human babies.

maryT said...

In addition to this woman, another 25 yr old gave birth in her parent's bathroom to twin boys and strangled them and thew them in the garbage.

Anne in swON said...

I wonder why Miss Effert never thought of birth control? Prevention of pregnancy would be a logical first step to take.

Anonymous said...

Dumb assed bitch lefty judge should have been aborted in her 153 trimester.

JR said...

A sad, disgusting situation.

"153rd trimester" is pretty far down that slippery slope but it certainly fits in with legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia death cult we're drifting towards.