Thursday, September 29, 2011

The next great pipeline debate.

Globe and mail:
Debate around the Keystone XL pipeline has been rancorous and divisive ... has mostly played itself out in America.
... But the next great pipeline debate will unfold right here in Canada.

... the proposed $5.5-billion, 1,700-kilometre Enbridge pipeline. It would run from Edmonton to the coastal port town of Kitimat, B.C., ....
National Geographic recently devoted a cover spread to the pending tussle ...
... Vivian Krause. ... the tenacious Vancouver-based and independently financed writer has parted the curtains on the extent to which environmental groups in Canada are funded by American organizations. (Her website,, is visited regularly by everyone from the RCMP to the federal auditor-general to the Oval Office in Washington.)
... Ms. Krause estimates there’s $50-million in American funding pouring into the Canadian environmental movement every year.
... $30-million in funding from the U.S. green donor, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation of California ...
... Rockefeller Brothers Fund of New York paid a couple of Canadian environmental groups a total of $200,000


Jen said...

I guess the american donors to stopping the pipeline are very much in favour of tankards crossing the oceans baring oil that do have frequent oil spillage into the ocean killing fish among other things.

Or could be that the so call rockerfella (owners of EXXON Mobile which we have here)
do not want canada to succeed economically.

Jen said...

JR, this has nothing to do with environment this in my view is to rid one of north american country of her wealth for the sake of the other country.

Why doesn't Rockerfella and other put all that money given to canadian protester to use in USA. Why not they build sustainable jobs to help their people.
We are so close to each other that, helping each other (not destroying)would make north america a vital place to live.

JR said...

As I understand it(from Vivian Krause) most of these US based foundations fund Canadian 'environmentalists' and aboriginal activists to oppose Cdn energy projects (and fish farms) but do not similarly oppose equivalent American projects. Ie it appears they are helping Americans by opposing Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Um, the XL pipeline protest in Washington was a failure, the XL protest in Ottawa was a failure, news outlests and the public didn't care about it. Why would you think that another pipeline, one that Americans and Canadians aren't even aware of, would attract any attention at all?