Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Climate alarmist Andrew Weaver defends oil sands

Further to my post yesterday, here's Ezra Levant with Lorrie Goldstein:

Here's Weaver on the "tar" sands three years ago.

And CTV News had a story last night on the EU's proposed anti-oil sands legislation and Canada's threat to retaliate.  (No mention of Weaver's oil sands research in last night's broadcast but it's in this online version.)

... On Feb. 23, the EU will vote on a proposal to label crude from the oilsands as causing 22 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil ...
... Canada has fired a diplomatic shot across the bow of the European Union, warning that any move to single out oilsands crude as environmentally unfriendly will be met with retaliation.


Jen said...

what does Liz May, Cullen, Megan Leslie and suzuki have to say to this. It seems the reporters are staying away from them

Anonymous said...

Of course, if a genuine scientist who was a skeptic of climate change had said the exact same thing, the MSM wouldn't report it.

JR said...

True. I'll add "leftist media" and "weasels" to the list of labels.