Wednesday, November 23, 2016

U of T debate: Free speech and Bill C-16

Jordan Peterson debates a hostile pair of radical social justice warriors:

Christie Blatchford's summary of the event began: "My God, if that thing at the University of Toronto on Saturday was a debate about free speech, then the battle is already well and truly lost.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Michelle's angst

Well, Michelle, at least she's a legal immigrant.  But, come to think of it, if she were a Mexican border jumper you'd probably be smiling.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The left's lies about Stephen Bannon

Stefan Molyneux thoroughly de-bunks leftist smears against Steve Bannon.  He discusses the left's smear tactics, the hypocrisy, anti-semitism, racism and cowardice in their rhetoric about "white" nationalism.  Molyneux also concludes that the left's claims to champion diversity are phony; the left is not pro-diversity, they are only "pro-all-groups-who-vote-for-the-left" - it's why, for example, they support open borders - for votes. If they thought that poor Mexican border jumpers would vote Republican instead of (overwhelmingly) Democrat, they'd be clamouring for a giant wall - diversity be damned.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen dead at age 82

Sad news: "Canadian poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen has died at the age of 82."

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Elect DONALD J. TRUMP!


At last count he had 288 electoral votes, a solid win.

Now the hard work begins.  But first, I'm looking forward to enjoying watching Media Party and other rabid Trump haters' heads explode.

Update: As of the evening of Nov 10 all but 20 electoral votes had been decided  (NH and MI) with Trump at 290 and Clinton at 228.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jordan Peterson unloads - his philosophy and his advice on how to defeat the "social justice" ideologues

In this powerful one hour interview, Jordan Peterson lets us know what makes him tick - his philosophy of life, why he is risking his job to take up the fight against and defeat the scourges of political correctness and "social justice" ideology infecting Western society, and what we can do to help:

A teaser:
Prof Peterson identifies The PC Algorithm aka The Game of Political Correctness used by social justice warriors:
1. Identify some domain of human endeavour
2. Note that some people are doing comparatively well and others poorly
3. Define the people doing well as perpetrators
4. Define those doing poorly as victims
5. Announce your support for the victims
6. Trumpet your moral superiority
7. Vent your resentment and hatred on the conveniently identified perpetrators
8. Repeat, forever. 
"This requires no thought.  You can teach a university student this in about two hours and indoctrinate them into doing it professionally.  Our recent research indicates that one politically correct course is enough to significantly affect someone's political beliefs."

PC tyranny

Mark Steyn:
... There are more and more areas of debate in which the authorities take the view that "there is only one correct answer". A free people should be free to argue, whether they take the right side or the wrong side of the question. But, as I always say (he says wearily), when you're arguing that only one side is allowed to have a side, you're on the wrong side.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

"Bloody neo-Marxists have invaded the campuses and the rest of the culture"

Must watch! - Gavin McInnes interviews Prof. Jordan Peterson:

This is just one segment of Gavin's most AWESOME show last Friday which also featured Ann Coulter and Janice Fiamengo.

Janice Fiamengo, anti-feminist, is being hauled before Ontario's "Social Justice" Tribunal

"We are witnessing a powerfully malevolent force in ascendance" [academic feminism]:

And, in a demonstration of an equally powerful malevolent force working in lock-step with academic feminism:
Janice Fiamengo is being hauled before the Ontario "Social Justice" Tribunal:
A former student has accused Janice of a human rights violation which will go to trial before the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario. The University of Ottawa is a co-defendant in this case and is of course represented by their own lawyer. Recent cases have demonstrated quite clearly that universities are quick to throw their employees under the bus in order to appease the Social Justice mobs so the university of Ottawa cannot be trusted to protect Fiamengo. The university of Ottawa lawyer is payed to protect the University of Ottawa NOT Janice Fiamengo. Any deal offered or struck will consider only the interests of the university, the social justice tribunal, and the student. Janice Fiamengo will be considered expendable throughout this process
The proper name for this "Social Justice" Tribunal process is "tyranny".

Her "trial" begins in six to eight months.  Her legal fees have already been successfully crowd-funded.

Academic totalitarianism

Janice Fiamengo:

Why are there more male scientists and mathematicians?

The Factual Feminist explains:

Well, that seems pretty reasonable.  But maybe the Factual Feminist hasn't caught up with the latest gender theories.  For example, that "there's no such thing as biological sex."


Aussie Senator rebuked for her sexism

Whack!  Well done!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jealousy of power motivates social justice warriors

So says Professor Jordan (shove your stupid pronouns) Peterson. Plus, a fascinating dissection of pure SJW bullshit.  Professor Peterson is clearly feeling harassed and bullied and won't stand for it:

The original debate in full, on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, is well worth watching.

BC Court of Appeals upholds freedom

In a five to zero decision the BC Court of Appeals upheld the right of graduates of the faith-based Trinity Western University (TWU) Law School to practice law in BC.  In a supposedly free society, this shouldn't come as a surprise; but in this time of rampant political correctness, with basic freedoms frequently coming under attack, it certainly gives cause for celebration.

Trinity Western's lawyer, John Carpay, discusses the victory with Ezra Levant:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Peter Thiel - libertarian, gay, Christian, tech billionaire from San Francisco - FOR TRUMP!

Thiel spoke yesterday at The National Press Club on why he supports Trump:

[via The Rebel]

Latest Wikileaks dump reveals crooked Hillary team's admiration of CBC/Trudeau collusion

Graeme Gordon:
... if you ask Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives they would tell you “Face to Face with the PM” was a great PR scheme they would like to emulate.  In some of the most recent emails dumped by Wikileaks from today, John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign chairman) and other staffers discussed and lauded the public broadcaster’s propaganda program.  
... Way to go CBC! You’ve got top political players in the most powerful county in the world following your lead in creating their “staged” propaganda. You should make this a lead story. It’s about you after all, and you helped your idol, Hillary! Also, now would be a good time as ever for you to lend your sophistry to her floundering campaign.