Monday, March 30, 2015

Today's the day New Brunswick's stupidity goes into effect

New Brunswick's anti-fracking legislation is effective today.  And the official excuse: "social license".  Ezra asks: "... who gives social license to the people who give social license".

Danielle Smith's "disreputable end"

Ezra Levant on Wild Rose defector Danielle Smith's defeat:

Update: More from Andrew Coyne.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Obama - "China's useful green idiot"

James Delingpole:
... Republican senators Roy Blunt (Missouri) and Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma) ... have just launched a challenge to the bilateral climate change “agreement” reached by President Obama with China last year ...

... Under this “agreement”, the US will cut its emissions by 26 per cent by 2025 while China will increase its “non-fossil-fuel share of energy to around 20 per cent” by 2030.

... An “agreement” in diplomacy-speak is legally or politically binding.  ... That is why both negotiating parties took care in the finished document never to use that word. Instead they chose the much vaguer word “announcement”...

... By 2030, China will be producing more CO2 than Japan, the US and the EU combined. In this context, America’s carbon reductions emission targets can properly seen for the meaningless gesture politics they really are.  ... So Senators Blunt and Inhofe are absolutely right to challenge this plan ...
 Happy Earth Hour!

Universities "are mutating into thought-suppressing machines"

Rex Murphy:
Lighthouses of reason, or beacons of  folly? 

... Literally, you could multiply the instances of silly thinking and foolish actions by the hundredfold that now burden universities across the West ... have surrendered to every passing fad and fancy of ever-more trivial and mentally bankrupt causes.

... The universities, under the banner of hollow diversity and the even more hollow and self-contradictory banner of tolerance, are mutating into thought-suppressing machines.

... The universities are running a risky race. The more they quiver before the onslaught of the cause-mongers, refuse to take clear and bold stands against protest intimidation tactics, the more they lose their centuries-old prestige. It is a situation that should concern everybody. 

Ontario public consultations on climate change: See no realism, Hear no realism

The Ontario government is conducting public consultations "to prepare a new strategy for fighting climate change".  Tom Harris and other climate realists attended the Ottawa sessions and presented about ten minutes of testimony:

Not unpredictably, the government's public summary for the Ottawa event completely ignored that testimony.  So Tom Harris wrote a complaint to the Environment Ministry closing with:
"... Given that the Ottawa "Public Summary" has been sanitized in this way, how can the public trust the government to accurately reflect the public input given in other town hall meetings across Ontario?"
Good question.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Political correctness has important Christian issues being stifled while minor Muslim issues get undue attention

Brian Lilley:
There's been lots of talk about religious freedom, but it's all about one issue: the niqab and whether Muslim women can wear one during citizenship ceremonies.

Bell Media censors the news

Ezra Levant:
After the CRTC's recent "pick and pay" decision, Bell Media CEO Kevin Crull reportedly tried to ban CRTC chair Jean-Pierre Blais from appearing on CTV News to talk about it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Rumours are flying that the owner of a beachfront mansion in Hawaii, which was once used to film the hit TV series “Magnum PI”, is none other than President Obama – the same President who warns us that global warming, and rising sea levels, are a greater danger to the future of America than Islamic terrorism.

What climate skeptics really think

Scottish Sceptic issues A personal apology to Obama and Cameron:
 Any Democrat, Tory or any other politicians who are still extolling the virtues of  Global ... will now know that they have been very mistaken: the public are no longer swallowing the
global warming lies!

... What a shame you didn’t listen to us sceptics

... Did it never occur to you that you were being led to attack vast constituencies of your own voters?
... This is what real sceptics, those real flesh sceptics who vote actually think:

... So, sorry Obama, sorry Cameron, sorry to the hate-mongers like Kerry, sorry to the gullible idiots like Milliband. Sorry Jo Swinson my own MP. Sorry … to every politician who were so keen to jump on the bandwagon of hate directed against vast swathes or your own electorates.

The collapsing climate paradigm

Excellent guest post at WUWT by Earth Scientist, David Middleton, where he defines the current climate paradigm, details why it's collapsing and goes on to discuss the logical fallacies underlying the so-called "consensus":
"The paradigm is collapsing primarily due to the fact that the climate appears to be far less sensitive to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations than the so-called scientific consensus had assumed."

... In nearly 40 years as an Earth Scientist (counting college), I have never seen such an obsession with consensus.

... Why is there such an obsession with a 97% consensus?  My guess is that it is to enable [political] demagoguery.
More on consensus.

And speaking of political climate demagoguery:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Why the left hates Bibi Netanyahu

Lawrence Solomon tells us why:
Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s triumph in Israel’s election this week, so shocking and appalling to the Western press, is many other things, too. ...

... recognition by Israelis of Netanyahu as the Churchill of our times
... stands apart from virtually all other Western leaders
... a repudiation by Israelis of those same Western leaders
... Netanyahu’s march to freer markets.
... Under Netanyahu’s influence ... Israel systematically began dismantling the welfare state
... sold off Israel’s interests in state enterprises
... abolished foreign exchange controls and otherwise liberalized the economy,
... turning Israel into an entrepreneurial marvel 
... The Western press, operating as it does from its echo chamber, likes to describe Israel as increasingly isolated in the world due to its supposed failure to make peace 
... Israel, once the darling of the Socialist Internationale, is fast becoming the darling of all but Socialist-leaning Europe, Iran and the ISIS wannabe set
... Two years from now, Obama will be gone, to be remembered as the worst American president in memory. Prime Minister Netanyahu will remain in power and on the world stage
That's why.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elizabeth May says global warming is saving us from a new ice age (and that's a bad thing?!)

In yesterday's debate (at about the 28 min mark), Green Party leader Elizabeth May argued that human induced global warming is preventing our entry into a new ice age.  In other words were it not for AGW, Canada would soon be looking at being buried under kilometer thick ice sheets. All life, all civilization, in Canada would be virtually wiped out! This would be an ecological Armageddon for Canada, would it not? 

So how can Elizabet May (Canada's Green Party leader) simultaneously argue that global warming is a bad thing, that Canada needs to take urgent action to stop it?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Climate debate: Tim Ball vs Elizabeth May

This afternoon, Victoria's CFAX 1070 radio station hosted a live debate between Tim Ball and Green Party climate alarmist Elizabeth May.  
Listen to the podcast (starting at about the 6 minute mark).

[h/t: Anthony Watts]

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mark Carney - climate loon

Speaking of climate lunacy, James Delingpole isn't too impressed with Canada's contribution to the BoE. 
Bank of England governor talks rubbish on climate change:
Three things are clear.
1. Carney cannot speak intelligible English, only evasive, flannelly CorporateSpeak.
2. Under Carney’s leadership, the Bank of England has joined the long, long list of institutions speaking well above their pay grade on the climate change issue, which it is palpably obvious they do not understand.
3. Carney, like his greenie activist wife, has bought wholesale into the climate change scare, can barely conceal his lofty contempt for those, such as Lord Lawson, who are not “with the programme”, and thus feels under no obligation to justify his position because he’s right, damn it, all the world’s climate experts say so….

Divestment - the UN's latest climate enthusiasm

The UN organisation in charge of global climate change negotiations is backing the fast-growing campaign persuading investors to sell off their fossil fuel assets.  
Of course the UN is backing an overtly activist political climate campaign.  It had already politicized climate "science" through its corrupt UNIPCC.  This was an inevitable next step.

If this were to take hold in any serious way, the world economy would indeed be in deep ka-ka.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ontario sex-ed: John Carpay vs Michael Coren

In today's Post, John Carpay writes an excellent rebuttal to Michael Coren's rather offensively condescending piece taking conservative Christians to task for their "hysterical" reaction to Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum.

Who knew that anyone would have to defend Christians from Michael Coren?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Justin's plunging "inevitability" numbers

Warren Kinsella at the Hill Times:
... a few days ago... Abacus’ poll showed ... that, between last August and now, Justin Trudeau’s inevitability had slipped 15 percentage points. That is, a lot fewer folks expected him to win, now. 

Fifteen points. That’s a lot. The last time that number happened to the Liberal Party of Canada, in fact, was a decade ago. Remember? Paul Martin commenced his “Mad As Hell” tour ...