Thursday, October 29, 2015

ISIS supporters give Trudeau a big cheer

Brian Lilley:

And why not? Though they'd be no less inclined to cut his head off, given the chance.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rebuilding the right

Ezra Levant's appeal:

Good idea Ezra. But it's a monumental task, one on which the left has a head start of more than a century and now dominates the education system and the media, to name just two of the most important cultural influences.

But it's gotta be done, somehow, or we're truly f..., er, doomed.

Conservatism makes what liberalism takes

Greg Gutfeld on "Why the Right is Right":  "Conservatism doesn't compete with liberalism, it sustains it":

Try and tell that to the 68% of Canadians who voted for liberalism, or worse, last week.  Someone has to try.  Meanwhile, conservatism, whether or not that 68% acknowledges it, will motor on making stuff for liberals to take.

Ignore the UN and you'll live longer

New front page scare story.  This time it's a stepped-up warning from WHO about carcinogenic food:
On Monday, the World Health Organization delivered a wallop on the unsuspecting public: hotdogs cause cancer ....
So what else is new?  If it isn't scary speculation about global warming it's scary speculation about food.

Ignore the UN.  Your anxiety levels will drop and you'll live longer.

Also from this story, one of my pet peeves:
"... commonplace medical advice: don’t eat junk food and take everything else in moderation."
That's not bad advice, but there's no such thing as junk food.  There are only junk diets.  So, if you take everything in moderation, including what people insist on labeling as "junk" food, you'll do fine.   Even moderation should be taken in moderation. Pig out once in a while!

Universities as institutions of "higher learning loopy indocrination"

Further to my post below on Cultural Marxism, comes this related video essay (via sda) on the death of the liberal arts at our institutions of  higher learning indoctrination in loopy ideas:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Another strike against Peter MacKay

In March of this year Justice Minister Peter MacKay appointed Marie-Claude Landry, Ad.E., as the Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission for a seven-year term.

Since then it has become increasingly apparent that she is little more than partisan activist who has little understanding of either "human rights" or her own role as an appointed government employee (aka "hack").  Immediately following boy-Justin's big victory she proved this beyond a doubt by releasing this partisan affront to common sense.

Ezra Levant elaborates:

Imagine the damage that will be done by this nimrod with the Trudeau Liberal nimrods in power!

Were the choices of possible conservative appointees completely non-existent?  And even if that were so could Peter MacKay not have found even one Liberal with half a clue?  Horrible judgement, Peter!  We lose! Big time!

How to stamp out cultural Marxism

In a single generation:
It is ... no mistake that cultural Marxists in the form of "social justice warriors", PC busybodies and feminists tend to create artificial divisions between people and “classes” while attacking and homogenizing very real and natural divisions between individuals based on biological reality and inherent genetic and psychological ability.

... The insane lie that cultural Marxists seem to have conned themselves and others into believing is that their “activism” is somehow anti-establishment. In fact, social justice is constantly coddled and supported by the establishment. ... Cultural Marxists ARE the establishment.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Look who's happy with Trudeau's election

The conservative and anti-Russian era of Stephen Harper has thus ended. - See more at:
 The conservative and anti-Russian era of Stephen Harper has thus ended.
The new Prime Minister of Canada ... whose father was loyal to the Soviet Union, promised that Canada would return to international politics as a "compassionate and constructive" state.
And no doubt China's basic dictators will be just as happy.

They know a pushover when they see one.

Our new "leader" and "The triumph of drivel"

David Warren:
... We are in a new political era

... Now we have “airheads.” The term is perhaps over-colloquial, but I think it best expresses the quality our new leaders share 

... The Trudeau boy is a generation younger.  In addition to snowboarding, his experience includes nightclub bouncer, and teaching high school in Vancouver. ...  the lad was not really exposed to politics until it came into his head, or into the heads of Liberal Party organizers,

... His acceptance speech last night was sort-of sweet; it showed him still quite damp behind the ears.

... I don’t think he is especially malicious. ... has the media savvy of the selfie generation, and can more or less handle the bofferball questions from a sympathetic press. His sincerity shines when it comes to a small range of policy enthusiasms, such as the legalization of marijuana and brothels, and he is visibly convinced that peace is much nicer than war.

... I’m sure he “believes” in the drivel he is mouthing. I expect he will prove more used than using, as his government agenda falls into place.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trudeau's retreat from the war against ISIS

Tarek Fatah also points out Gen Rick Hillier's views on the need for greater Canadian participation went unheeded.  Though Trudeau did like Hillier's support for accepting more refugees.

So, true to his word, Justin is following through on his pledge to take in refugees while simultaneously enabling ISIS to create more of them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An expatriate comments on the election of JT as PM

Gavin McInnes:"Canada just elected an idiot"

The big, hidden winners in Monday's election

Besides the Liberals, for starters, everybody who helped get them elected - unions, lobbyists, journalists, cronies  .... will cash in big time.  Open, transparent government, Trudeau style.  Then there are the indirect beneficiaries like our enemies and economic rivals:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The incredible rise of a lightweight

The rise of Justin Trudeau has been like the rise of a helium balloon.  A celebrity lightweight with an inflated ego and sense of entitlement - arising entirely from his accident of birth - Justin was released and wafted aloft by the LPC and a liberal dominated mainstream media that has never stopped idolizing, mythologizing and worshipping his father Pierre as their secular god.  The son of "god", Justin, born on Christmas day no less, has been afforded similar adoration - as a Liberal Party messiah.  The liberal media propaganda machine inflated Justin's image and minimized or ignored his gaffes while relentlessly and viciously demonizing the "Nixonian" enemy, Stephen Harper.   That's how a completely unqualified lightweight, the lightest in Canadian history, came to be elected Prime Minister last night.

Having the Liberals undeservedly returned to power from third place is bad enough, but having to accept the foppish boy-Justin as my Prime Minister is absolutely galling.  You can't blame Justin, it's not his fault he was born a Trudeau, but to think that someone, anyone, with a resume as thin as his could go from backbench MP to party leader to Prime Minister on his first try, is incredible.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The evil Koch brothers

Here's one of them - the mild mannered, 79 year old gentleman, Charles:  
"... My main difference with Hillary is on the vision of what kind of society makes people's lives better - [Hillary's (and all Democrats')] is a vision of society in which people are too evil or stupid to run their own lives but those in power are perfectly capable of running everybody elses' lives because they're so much smarter.  It's what Hayek called "the fatal conceit" or William Easterly called "the tyranny of experts" because that's what it is, tyranny.
... [government] waste and spending are heading us towards a financial cliff ... The reason we tend to support Republicans is they're taking us towards the cliff at only 70 miles an hour and the Democrats are taking us at 100 miles an hour. ..."

KDS (Koch Derangement Syndrome) is HDS on stilts. Even Obama has it.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fighting Harper hatred

Two outstanding columns in today's FP:

Peter Foster:  Vote against hate:
If a man is defined by his enemies, Stephen Harper still has a lot going for him in the dying days of this election campaign. On balance, he has been a good Prime Minister in trying times, and yet he drives people to frenzies of hatred, which says far more about them than him. ...

Lawrence Solomon: Judging Harper:
Stephen Harper may be the worst prime minister in memory, as many claim. Or the best. You be the judge. ...
... On energy and the environment, Harper has been a tightwad. His predecessors in both Liberal and Conservative parties subsidized the development of the tar sands. Harper phased out these subsidies. in people’s hands isn’t the only measure of well being. Canada ranks among the top 10 nations of the world in having the World’s Most Open Governments, in the Social Progress Index, in the Soft Power 30 Index, and in the World Happiness ranking, and we are the absolute top in Best Country for Business in the G20, and Best GDP growth among the G7 nations. Not surprisingly, when you put all this together, Canada landed in the #1 spot as the most respected nation in the world, based on a survey of 48,000 people around the world conducted by the Reputation Institute, which ranked 55 nations for perceived trust, admiration and respect.
These columns deserve front page exposure.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

And speaking of Islam ...

VIRAL VIDEO: "The Truth About Justin Trudeau and the Liberals";


Mohamed Fahmy: "An ingrate and a liar"

And "citizen of convenience and Muslim Brotherhood promoter", to boot:

Just another left wing journalist.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Canda's newest citizen "An Islamist, giving the finger to non-Muslim Canadians"

The CTV video on YouTube

Friday, October 9, 2015

Harper Derangement Syndrome on dislay at CPC rally in Surrey, BC

As the election draws closer, Harper Derangement Syndrome seems to be intensifying.  On the way into the CPC campaign rally in Surrey last night, a guy walked back and forth on the sidewalk across the street shouting vile insults at rally-goers lining up outside the venue.  It was funny, weird and at the same time disturbing because he seemed genuinely nuts.

And inside the venue, during Stephen Harper's speech, three more "protesters" managed to infiltrate the rally.  One unfurled a banner calling for "climate justice" (don't we all know Harper is a climate criminal?), another rushed towards Harper (aiming to do what wasn't clear) getting within a foot of him before being tackled by security guards, and shortly after a third started shouting at Harper from the audience before being grabbed and hustled out.

All in all, it was described by reporters as "the worst security breach of the campaign". The security people really started looking worried after the fracas (for their jobs, maybe?)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Media Party - a group-think tank of politically correct freaks

Ezra Levant: "Conservatives have rolled out an RCMP hot line ... the Media Party calls it an "Islamophobic" "racist" "snitch line."

Social Justice Warriors Morons

Jason Kenney complimented a young, recent  immigrant on his "perfect unaccented English" and  "social justice" loons flew off the handle:
Heather Mallick: "In praising an Iraqi refugee boy’s “perfect unaccented English,” Kenney found a new note on the Tory dog-whistle."

Huff Po and the Twitter-sphere: "For the second time in less than a week, Canada's incumbent multiculturalism minister is raising eyebrows for his comments."
TheRebel's Sheila Gunn Reid:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The left's "dog-whistles"

Father Raymond de Souza: "Who, exactly, are the dogs in Mayor Nenshi’s imagination?"
Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi doesn’t like the dog whistles in the federal election campaign. Who is whistling and who are the dogs?

“Dog-whistle politics” is what they call it, and it is not a lovely term. It comes from the world of campaign consultants, and that is not a lovely world. ...

... I object to the characterization of those who do not see the world in the same way as Nenshi cast in the role of the dogs.  ...
Nenshi and his ilk don't seem to realize that the term "dog-whistle" (likely an MSNBC host's brain-f*rt) is itself the left's dog-whistle signal to its bigoted dog-packs to attack their opponents with accusations of racism.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blatant CBC Election Bias

Since I refuse to watch the CBC I only suspect that it is following its usual pathetic pattern of political bias.  Graeme C. Gordon confirms this in his excellent piece "The CBC's Insolent Election Bias":
As Canada’s federal election is less than a month away, the CBC is now a full-fledged left-wing partisan mouthpiece. If you thought the BBC was bad, it has nothing on its bastardized clone. Canada’s public broadcaster—despite its cute mandate to reflect the views of all Canadians—has devoted itself to mocking Conservative Leader Prime Minister Stephen Harper, all the while lauding and defending Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. ...
 Read on ...

[via sda]

Saturday, October 3, 2015

EU recklessly importing "violent misogynistic rape culture"

Pat Condell:  Middle East refugees and migrants invading Europe are largely (69%) men. 
"... the European Union is breaking the law ... effectively inviting the entire Muslim world to Europe.  This is guaranteed to make Europe more dangerous for everyone, but especially for women, and for gay people and for Jews ....


Thursday, October 1, 2015

"The Eighth Blunder of the World" - Wynne's Ontario

Philip Cross, former Chief Economic Analyst for StatsCan:
Ontarians are clearly having buyer’s remorse after re-electing its Liberal government last year, with two-thirds now believing that Ontario is headed in the wrong direction

... Ontario now qualifies for equalization payments, confirming its shift from “have” to “have-not” status within Confederation.  The government’s response was more government spending financed by deficits that doubled its total debt over the past decade.

 ... In economic policymaking, Ontario has become the Eighth Blunder of the World. Instead of focusing on policies that would encourage economic growth, the Wynne government is following the maritime province’s tactic of begging the federal government for more transfer payments. 

Massive new global cooling process dicovered

Just in time for the Paris global warming hysterics:
According to a study by the Institute of Catalysis and Environment in Lyon (IRCELYON, CNRS / University Lyon 1) and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), the oceans are producing unexpectedly large quantities of isoprene – a volatile organic compound (VOC) – which is known to have a cooling effect on climate.
... The news could scarcely have come at a worse time for the global climate alarmist community which has been ramping up the scaremongering message in the run up to the latest round of UN climate talks in Paris this December.

Russian lies, American fecklessness

Reaction to Russian air strikes in Syria:

And for an even more pessimistic outlook, here's Ralph Peters: