Sunday, July 16, 2017

Angry Foreigner - Swedish immigrant, Muslim apostate, atheist

Angry Foreigner is a very interesting guy introduced by Gavin McInnes on his show last Friday.  His take on Sweden is instructive for Canadians and most other Westerners whose countries while  not yet as badly screwed up as Sweden are headed that way fast - i.e. wrecked by neo-liberal insanity (immigration policy, political correctness, cultural Marxism, multi-culturalism, cultural relativism, identity obsession, etc, etc, etc).

Here he is in a long interview with American blogger and YouTuber, Tree of Logic:

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Khadr family, Canada's First Family of Terrorism and Treason - a (nearly) complete history

Beginning with an article back in 2004 Daniel Pipes has been keeping close tabs on the Khadr family.

His very comprehensive history is up to date except for this week's disgraceful Liberal government payment of $10.5M and official apology to Omar Khadr.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

A national disgrace: CanadaTrudeau to reward a convicted killer and traitor

Brian Lilley's outstanding piece, explains, "by the numbers", exactly why the Trudeau Liberals' $10.5M payoff and apology to convicted terrorist, Omar Khadr, is a gross insult to loyal Canadian (and allied) veterans and taxpayers:

Update: Cheryl Gallant created a "Stop Payment" letter to Justin Trudeau.  My response:
Please put a stop-payment on any cheque going to Omar Khadr until the widow of the medic he murdered has her day in court.
Any payment (much less $10.5M) and/or apology by the government of Canada to convicted, treasonous killer Omar Khadr is highly inappropriate.  It is a gross insult to Canadian and allied veterans and to all patriotic Canadian taxpayers.  The only apology owed here is your apology to all Canadians for your government's having entertained a payment and apology to Omar Khadr in the first place.
Update:  Too late.  With Parliament in recess, the public beginning summer holidays and Trudeau safely out of the country at the G20 Summit (i.e. in the dead of night) the Liberal weasels paid off Khadr and issued a public apology.