Thursday, July 6, 2017

A national disgrace: CanadaTrudeau to reward a convicted killer and traitor

Brian Lilley's outstanding piece, explains, "by the numbers", exactly why the Trudeau Liberals' $10.5M payoff and apology to convicted terrorist, Omar Khadr, is a gross insult to loyal Canadian (and allied) veterans and taxpayers:

Update: Cheryl Gallant created a "Stop Payment" letter to Justin Trudeau.  My response:
Please put a stop-payment on any cheque going to Omar Khadr until the widow of the medic he murdered has her day in court.
Any payment (much less $10.5M) and/or apology by the government of Canada to convicted, treasonous killer Omar Khadr is highly inappropriate.  It is a gross insult to Canadian and allied veterans and to all patriotic Canadian taxpayers.  The only apology owed here is your apology to all Canadians for your government's having entertained a payment and apology to Omar Khadr in the first place.
Update:  Too late.  With Parliament in recess, the public beginning summer holidays and Trudeau safely out of the country at the G20 Summit (i.e. in the dead of night) the Liberal weasels paid off Khadr and issued a public apology.


Martin said...

This story by Howard Anglin asks the obvious questions as to why Canada is obliged to compensate him at all and why the extravagant amount. Allowing Khadr's suit to go to trial could have provided some facts as to what exactly the CSIS officials did in 2003 and 04 which so infringed on his Charter Rights. Accusations of torture bandied about by sympathizers fail to identify any role Canada played, and neglect the obvious fact that his captors/jailers were the US Military.

Canadian governments, all four of them have been wrong-footed by this despicable family since J Chretien was persuaded to spring Khadr Sr out of a Pakistani prison way back in 95. The Harper government agreed to Omar's repatriation but failed to get an iron clad agreement from his lawyers that any Charter suit against Canada would be dropped as a condition.
Perhaps there were legal reasons for this, but at the time it was obvious that a suit was inevitable. The SCOC did say his rights were violated, but Parliament and Cabinet have quite a few options available other than to simply come up with an absurdly high settlement to end the Khadr saga.
But, this will not happen; Trudeau will wear this decision into the next election.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............I hope the widow who has already won a judgement against kadar in the US gets to take trudeau to task in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I can understand releasing him as in our judicial system one is innocent until proven guilty and although likely guilty he never got a fair trial so you could argue releasing him on that basis as many guilty get off on technicalities or reasonable doubt. But 10.5 million is ridiculous. That means he could live on 150K a year until he turns 100 or until 80 on 200K a year which Justin Trudeau calls rich and feels need to be taxed more. Getting a second chance in life to actually live a normal life instead of prison is good enough, not 10.5 million, that is what you give a wrongly convicted not someone who gets off on a technicality.

Anonymous said...

I was embarrassed Junior trudeau was PM now I am ashamed.
Canada like Abbas and the other terrorist supporters we are paying terrorists to kill our allies and announcing our treachery on July 4 was a finger in the eye of every American.
Unfortunately ordinary Canadians are paying Kardhr and will bear the brunt for Justin's liberal douchbaggery

Dean said...

Junior needs to resign. This is another action, among a long list, that shows how far he is willing to go to appease and embolden terrorists; those from within our country and outside. Its time Canadians, real F'n Canadians, not the smug elitist scum who represent the politically correct pansies across the land and the media, stand up and be heard. The apathy in this country is killing any sense of unity we once had and is only giving the lunatics 24/7 access to their soap box. Allowing this action to go without a serious backlash from Canadians will be the same as spitting on the graves of those that fought for this country and our dwindling freedoms.

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment elsewhere, although it has yet to be published:

If Khadr's rights were breached -- which I doubt** -- they were breached by officials of the government in power at the time, i.e. the Liberals. Therefore, the money should come out of the Liberal party's coffers, not from the general kitty.
** "Charter Protections End at Canadian border: top court"

“Canadians accused of crimes abroad are not protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms when they’re being investigated by Canadian or foreign police, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday.
“When individuals choose to engage in criminal activities that cross Canada’s territorial limits, they can have no guarantee that they carry charter rights with them out of the country,” wrote Justice Louis LeBel.


** “Canadian law, including the Charter, cannot be enforced in another state’s territory without the other state’s consent.

So how were Khadr's rights breached if those Charter protections were not enforceable on foreign territory?
Wasn't the SC inconsistent re: application of Charter rights outside of Canadian borders?
--Gabby in QC

JR said...

Unfortunately, today the government issued a formal apology paid the $10.5M "settlement".

The apology, delivered Friday in a terse statement from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, follows reports of a controversial $10.5-million settlement to a long-standing lawsuit over violations of Khadr’s charter rights.

“Today, we are announcing that the government of Canada has reached a settlement with Mr. Omar Khadr, bringing this civil case to a close,” the statement reads.

“On behalf of the government of Canada, we wish to apologize to Mr. Khadr for any role Canadian officials may have played in relation to his ordeal abroad and any resulting harm.

“We hope that this expression, and the negotiated settlement reached with the government, will assist him in his efforts to begin a new and hopeful chapter in his life with his fellow Canadians.”

Goodale and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould were scheduled to hold a news conference in Ottawa shortly after the statement was released.

The statement does not confirm any payment details, nor media reports that the money has already been paid. “The details of the settlement are confidential between Mr. Khadr and the government.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source familiar with the situation told The Canadian Press that the government wanted to get ahead of an attempt by two Americans to enforce a massive U.S. court award against Khadr in Canadian court.

“The money has been paid,” the source said.

Word of the quiet money transfer came on the eve of a hearing in which a lawyer planned to ask Ontario Superior Court to block the payout to Khadr, who lives in Edmonton on bail.