Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Khadr family, Canada's First Family of Terrorism and Treason - a (nearly) complete history

Beginning with an article back in 2004 Daniel Pipes has been keeping close tabs on the Khadr family.

His very comprehensive history is up to date except for this week's disgraceful Liberal government payment of $10.5M and official apology to Omar Khadr.



dmorris said...

I wish I could believe that the Khadr case will come back to bite Trudeau in the 2019 election, but comments at several websites indicate that too many Canadians believe the Charter is a sacred document and that Khadr's rights have been violated.

Trudeau's recent speech on the matter has too many all a' flutter over his words of wisdom,"the Charter must be applied even if it's uncomfortable".

We are living through the "changing of the guard",in which those of us who were educated in the pre-soviet education system are being replaced in every position of authority by the brainwashed generation,who believe in nothing and have "feelings" about everything. Logic never enters into the equation.

JR said...

owg, Yes, Trudeau hides behind the Charter to justify payment to a terrorist traitor. But the Charter doesn't say what compensation is just compensation. Trudeau ignores any specifics, any principles, any moral considerations - just pays a whopping "settlement". Seems, to him, that what another Muslim got, whose rights the SCOC says were violated, Mahar Arar, must be the right number. $10.5M is now the standard. This despite the fact that the two cases compare like apples to arsenic.

Also, I wonder, how many loyal, patriotic veterans have been screwed over by the feds with small to zero compensation?

dmorris, Sadly, I think you may be right. Though, if we had a leader like, say, Trump, to mobilize those who've avoided the humanities and social sciences, i.e. "deplorables" who haven't been completely brainwashed, we might begin to see some reversal of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau the ass is rewarding Jihad, plain and simple. Khadr was a terrorist not a soldier and according to Islam Khadr was a man not a child. The Trudeau Charter is a piece of shit, it destroys Canada just as it was intended to do. From Parliamentary democracy to a Trudopian elitist cult over night. The social and economic future of the country is now in the hands of a select few, the ultimate elite, accountable to no one. The imposed Trudeau Charter is the opposite of the Magna Carta, stealing the power from the people and Parliament and handing it over to an unelected unaccountable elitist star chamber to dictate ("interpret") as they like, the people are imprisoned in an ideological straitjacket that they have no say in. The imposed Trudeau CHarter dictates that "rights" and "freedoms" come from the State and also can be taken away by the State... it reads like the Soviet Charter, a crypto Marxist document imposed without consent from those it rules over. The imposed Trudeau Charter is a convenient way for mendacious dumb people like Juthtin the stupid to hide behind so he can say he had no choice because Daddy's Charter dictates rewarding Jihad therefore its not his fault, convenient but utter bullshit. Canada is lost, we're all victims now, we are the Governed not the governors. Khadr is no victim, he is a terrorist, a rich terrorist thanks to Juthtin the stupid and Juthtins evil mad man of a Father.