Friday, February 9, 2007

Global chill - on climate science that is

In today’s National Post Lawrence Solomon bemoans the disgraceful treatment of scientists whose work is at odds with the UN IPCC’s preferred theory - manmade global warming.

Referring to his excellent series of columns "The Deniers" in which he profiled the work of 10 scientists, Mr. Solomon writes:
The deniers I have written about are not just credible; they have reached the pinnacle of the scientific establishment, with credentials to rival those of any of scientists representing the IPCC position.
...three -- among the most cited scientists in the world in the field of climate change-- were universally acclaimed IPCC scientists until they disagreed with the positions espoused by the IPCC leadership.
Most of the deniers I have written about have suffered for their scientific findings -- some have been forced from their positions, others lost funding grants or been publicly criticized.
I have inadvertently added to their anguish. None among the 10 welcome the term "denier" -- a hateful word that I used ironically, but perhaps ill-advisedly.
The word "denier," of course, is employed to tar scientists who dissent from IPCC convention. In other disciplines, dissent is part of what's called "the scientific method" and lauded.
[Scientist Richard S. J.] Tol believes that the IPCC bureaucracy is forcing out many of the best who once were part of the IPCC process, and he is also scathingly critical of work he considers bereft of integrity, such as the U.K. government's highly publicized Stern review, which last year painted alarmingly dire scenarios.
These 10 scientists are extraordinarily distinguished, accomplished, and deserving of our respect. But they do not have a monopoly on the truth, just as the IPCC does not.
[...] would behoove us all to drop the term denier from the scientific lexicon. Answers will come more quickly in a climate not chilling to scientific investigation.


Zookeeper said...

Today's Post has more on the "Environment is the new religion" theme. I find it explains pretty much everything that offends me about environmentalists.

Dave Barry has a great quote that applies: "People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them."

JR said...

Yes, that was a great front page article. Brean did a good job.

Another site I came across a couple of days ago on this theme (I think via sda) was on this page:
Good discussion in the comments too.

Dave Barry hit the nail on the head. I'll have to add it to my collection of quotes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but are they fruit fly experts like Suzuki?