Monday, May 14, 2007

Subverting the education system?

SDA has posted this item about a Saskatchewan parent’s outrage over the use of Timothy Findley’s "homo-erotic and pornographic" novel "The Wars" in a grade twelve curriculum.

I have to agree with sda commenter ‘ET’ and others who argue that the central issue is not so much the use of Findley’s novel in class but the degree to which the ‘education’ system has become a vehicle for leftist indoctrination.

I’m reminded of this interview with Brazilian political thinker Olavo de Carvalho concerning the influence of deceased (1891-1937, but not dead enough) socialist guru Antonio Gramsci:

[former Italian communist leader Antonio] Gramsci, side by side with the frankfurtians and the Hungarian philosopher Georg Lukacs, is one of the top masterminds of the so-called "cultural marxism", which is not a school of thought but a bunch of heterogeneous proposals having in common the hate [of] Western civilization, and the belief that, the cultural war against it, should precede and guide the political fight for socialism..........They try to accomplish the practical goals of marxism by means that disavow its theory.


[Gramsci advocated that] Disguised socialist influence should spread to every field of human social existence, including private life and the most intimate feelings. Child care, medicine, psychoterapy, religion and marriage counseling were preferential channels for the transmission of that influence. Christian churches, for instance, should not be criticized, but infiltrated in order to deprive them of their spiritual content and use them as megaphones for communist watchwords. At the same time, disguised communists should occupy all the posts in educational, cultural and media organizations, gradually and carefully expelling their opponents to the last man. Communist ideology should recast all the language of public conversations, in order to provide that every circulating opinion contributes unconsciously to communist-fabricated general results.

Conspiracy or not, it would appear that Gramsci’s philosophy is being fairly successfully applied.

Olavo de Carvalho's web-site.


Blazingcatfur said...

I think he just described what has happened to Canada. Scary.

Xanthippa said...

Yes, it IS scary. VERY scary.

So, how do we mount a defensive?