Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hirsi versus Avi

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: " .. spit on freedom"

Kathy Shaidle says "Avi Lewis is too stupid to really be Jewish".

I think that may be an understatement. Based on his recent interview with Hirsi Ali, Avi Lewis is a certified moron and CBC leftoid arseh*le! Sorry about the redundancies.

And if you need reconfirmation of why you are perpetually irked at being forced to pay to subsidize the CBC - this interview will do the trick.

Nevertheless, Ali more than holds her own. Her responses to Lewis’ incessant barrage of idiotic clichés, assertions and questions are priceless:

Lewis [sarcastically]: "Your faith in American democracy is just, uhh, delightful!"

Ali [calmly]: "It’s the best democracy in the world."

Following a string of anti-American slurs from Lewis, Ali again calmly responds with a steadfast defence of America.

Lewis [laughing smugly]: "Is there a school where they teach you these American clichés? Is it part of your application process? I can’t believe you just said that!"

Ali: ".....I’ve lived in places that have no democracy, no founding freedom. You grew up in freedom and so you can spit on freedom because you don’t know what it is not to have freedom. I don’t. ... America has its problems; there are things wrong with America... But it is still the best democracy on earth."

No doubt, Lewis, smug moron that he is, came away thinking he had put Ali in her place. He couldn’t be more wrong. As Kathy put it, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, tore him "a new one".

Update: Dennis Prager plays back and comments on the interview. Prager: "I don't recall a host looking as intellectually shallow in comparison to a guest, in my life." [h/t]

Upperdate: Blazing Cat Fur has compiled a list of blogs commenting on this.


Anonymous said...

Send that link to your MP and ask why we are paying for that bigot to spout his anti-American garbage.
Could he have said that about any other group of people?

Anonymous said...

I've written to the CBC to say what a moron Avi Lewis is and to point out that I saw his interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali via a blog link BECAUSE I NEVER WATCH AVI LEWIS.

The jerk sneered about having to be wealthy to run for office in the U.S. What about his own family: like Stephen Lewis doesn't have money?

'Only reason arseh*le Lewis has a job in the media is because of nepotism: His mom is Michelle Landsberg, of TorStar fame.

Hirsi Ali totally won this "debate"--and with wit and grace, two characteristics which are strangers to the ranting, smug, entitled, know-nothing buffoon, Avi Lewis.

How low will the CBC go?

Anonymous said...

Billing for the Hirsi Ali/Lewis interview?

Beauty/Brains and the Beast.

Anonymous said...

Comments appreciated.

Been around the block, Same here - the only time I ever watch CBC these days is when I hear via, some blog or other, about their latest travesty and self-embarrassment.

The sooner the CBC is forced off the government teat the better. Then we'll all still be able to marvel at their idiocies without having to pay their tab.

Blazingcatfur said...

We can only hope that the CBC ceases to be. I would not mind so much if they stuck to scaled back mandate along the lines of say PBS, hell if they could do so honestly I would even consider allowing them to keep the news bureau going.