Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feds funding Palestinian hate organization

Last month Blazing Catfur posted about his efforts to chase down the skinny on Palestine House's anti-Israeli hate-mongering. Palestine House Education (PHE), Mississauga, Ont is the recipient of federal funding and BCF requested that people write to our government asking them to wise up. Here's mine today (better late than never?):

Jason Kenney, Minister of CIC,
James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage,

Subject: Federal funding of Palestine House

Dear Ministers:

According to NGO Monitor the Canadian government has spent or committed to spending approximately $4 million (2008 through 2010) in support of the activities of Palestine House Educational (PHE) of Mississauga, Ont.

According to information obtained from the RCMP through FOI (see also Part 2 and Part 3), PHE has been engaged in promoting anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic hatred.

Though Canadian taxpayer funding is, ostensibly, for immigrant "settlement and education" it is clear that PHE is engaged in activities that run counter to Canadian values and the public good. It is inappropriate for the Canadian government to fund such an organization in any way, for any purpose. If you insist on funding "settlement and training" for Palestinian immigrants, find another way to do it.

You are urged to cut off all funding for PHE and for any other organization engaged in similarly objectionable activities.

CIC Communications Director, Alykhan Velshi alykhan,
MP Bob Dechert (Conservative, Mississauga-Erindale), ô
Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Anonymous said...

The situation in the Middle East is complicated and few people have entirely clean hands, but how can you seriously accuse the Palestinian people at large (Palestine House represents the Palestinian government in Canada) of being motivated by ethnic and religious hatred?

The history of anti-semitism in the world gives a thin veneer plausibility to the idea that outside criticism of Israel is motivated by hate, but how can anyone really believe that that is what motivates Palestinians? Israelis have been occupying their lands for decades; like it or not that's why Palestinians don't like Israel. It has nothing to do with anti-semitism.

JR said...

So says an anonymous Palestinian or Palestinian apologist troll.

The Palestinian government is controlled by Hamas. Canada lists Hamas as a banned terrorist organization. If Palistine House represents the Palestinian government then it is all the more ludicrous for the federal government to be funding it.

Anonymous said...

nice blogpost on how much Canadians hate palestinians. This was very helpful for my highschool assignment.