Sunday, December 12, 2010

Climate Deal in Cancún

From FOS:
At 4:00 am on December 11, delegates adopted the Cancún Agreements ... ... Under these agreements: (1) rich countries "shall aim to complete" further cuts in greenhouse gas emissions before the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012; (2) parties set a goal to hold global average temperature to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels; (3) parties will "work towards identifying a global goal for substantially reducing global emissions by 2050" for consideration at the next meeting in Durban; (4) parties dropped the shared vision that global greenhouse gases should peak by 2015; (5) parties set up a process for accounting and monitoring of greenhouse gases; (6) developing countries undertaking mitigation actions supported by outside money will be subject to international auditing; (7) parties will establish a Green Climate Fund with a 24-member board of directors, half from developed and half from developing countries.

Environment Minister John Baird refused to commit Canada to taking on new obligations under Kyoto, preferring the more flexible Copenhagen approach.
More from UNFCC and G&M.


Anonymous said...

I would feel better if Baird had committed to "NONE OF THE ABOVE"
Though climate change happens all the time, all the bu!!$#1t that is coming with it is like a slow creeping cancer. I don't have the link but read a breakdown by Christopher Moncton that sums it up pretty well. The BS has to stop or the developed countries (West) will become colonies of the elites of the UN .

Rob C.

JR said...

Me too, Rob; and creeping cancer is a great analogy. Have to keep hoping that the Conservatives are just stonewalling and this will all eventually fade away.