Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crisis in "surplus housing"

George Monbiot has apparently been "thinking" too hard - 'cause something snapped.  David Thompson critiques his latest idiocy:

George “laughing boy” Monbiot has spotted another crisis. ...
... Yes, there are spare rooms in some private houses - space that, according to Mr Monbiot, people just don’t need. And which, therefore, they shouldn’t be allowed to have.
... Sadly, Mr Monbiot doesn’t share with us the details of his own living arrangements, such as whether or not he frivolously uses a room purely as an office or study - say, for the writing of Guardian articles. But perhaps his colleague Polly Toynbee will be spurred to throw open the doors to one of her two rather spacious estates. How about that nice villa in Italy? Or maybe Monbiot’s employer Alan Rusbridger could find a wiser, fairer use for the space currently occupied by his £30,000 grand piano?


hunter said...

Talk about a moonbat, the guy is certifiable! Bet our NDP love this guy, hope this doesn't give them any ideas.

Dave Hodson said...

That idiot should be careful what he proposes, because it just might backfire on him. Should he ever be successful at getting governments to mandate the private space be better used (right, like that will happen) it just might encourage families to have more "carbon emmitting" children to fill up their homes to avoid being penalized by the state for under-use of space. In other words, rather than reduce space to our needs (as determined by Comrad Monbiot), better find another need to use the space!

I think we need more people like Mr. Monbiot. Because the more people like him we have as spokemen for the left, the more we will see the masses running away from their crazy causes and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what he thinks we should do when our children grow up. Maybe call in someone to hack off one or two rooms.

JR said...

And apparently Monbiot's is the kind of thinking that inspires ideas like laneway houses in Vancouver "... through the EcoDensity initiative."