Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Canada's answer to George Soros ...

... Maurice Strong.

Peter Foster on the green totalitarians:

... when the march of Communism suffered a local setback, a representative of the Comintern, the organization set up by Lenin to spread global revolution, would turn up to rally the non-uniformed troops. This week, Achim Steiner, head of the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP, turned up in Toronto to put some backbone into the cadres down at the editorial boards of The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.
... Mr. Steiner has become a prominent source of green alarmism and a leading shill for rent-seeking green energy companies, who were already in mourning at Mr. Harper’s victory.
... UNEP was set up by Canada’s own Maurice Strong — perhaps the leading figure in trying to save socialism from the dustbin of history by painting both socialism and the dustbin green. He created it after his first great UN environmental doomfest in Stockholm in 1972. Its importance was indicated by the man Mr. Strong selected to be its first head: himself.
... UNEP has always reflected Mr. Strong’s genius for using global taxpayers’ money to further his political agenda. As Mr. Strong’s successor, Mr. Steiner controls not only UNEP but the United Nations Office in Nairobi, UNON, ... which hosts offices and projects of more than 60 UN agencies, funds and programs, and over 5,000 staff.”
Ending on a happier note:

... Despite the increasingly desperate rearguard action of Mr. Steiner and his ilk, the green global revolution seems to be going the same way as its red predecessor.
It's just amazing how much influence global totalitarian, Mo Strong, has had with the UN.  His fingerprints seem to be on every cock-a-mamie green globalist program they've ever sponsored.  He's no where near as wealthy as his intellectual twin, George Soros, but his influence has been enormous.


Alain said...

As the saying goes follow the money to get to the truth of any scam. Strong may not be as wealthy as Soros, but he stands to greatly increase his wealth through the climate change/global warming/green scam. As for Soros the way in which he obtained his wealth, says it all.

climatecriminal said...

is Mo still hiding out in China, the very country that would benefit most from "climate change" mititagion policies? coincidence or what?