Thursday, June 2, 2011

Farmed salmon - another phony enviro-scare

Vivian Krause exposes yet another bogus Suzuki Foundation hobby-horse:


RJ65 said...

I watched this segment live and was surprised, but not as surprised as I should have been. Suzuki has been a pawn by corporate interests to advance a view that benefits foreign fisherman over our own.

I doubt this story would have made it to CTV or CBC!

JR said...

Yeah, to CTV and CBC its "Saint Suzuki".

What was news to me is that much of the so-called "wild" Alaskan salmon marketed here is actually farmed.

Nick said...

Thanks for posting this. I have always believed that farmed salmon here in Canada has been unduly targeted by NGO's.

JR said...

My pleasure, Nick. Of course the real credit belongs with savvy sleuths like Vivian Krause. She does great work.