Monday, January 23, 2012

Northern Gateway - depressing opinion poll

Claudia Cattaneo:

... According to the poll of 1,211 randomly selected adult Canadians conducted on Jan. 13, right after the high-profile start of community hearings by federal regulators on Northern Gateway, more Canadians (43%) said they are opposed to the proposed pipeline than they are in favour (37%).

According to Mr. Bozinoff, environmental organizations enjoy higher credibility than the oil industry because they are perceived to be fighting for the environment and not gaining monetarily.

This is nonsense and Canadians should know better.
... Great play for U.S. greens and Mr. Obama’s re-election machine. Poor outcome for Canada and those Canadians who don’t see how they are being played.
Between the massive anti-oil, anti-corporate propganda campaign being waged by foreign lobbyists, and the Indians in the middle I see Northern Gateway going the way of the MacKenzie Valley pipeline.


Anonymous said...

Thank God pipelines are not built on public opinion polls.

JR said...

Maybe not but they've been killed or delayed for decades by public inquiries and/or Indians. The Berger Inquiry (1974-1977) did that for the MacKenzie valley pipeline. It was approved by the feds last year (subject to consent of the Dehcho First Nation.)

Berger recommended that any pipeline development along the Mackenzie River Valley be delayed 10 years, and that no pipeline ever be built across the northern Yukon. It's been delayed for 37 years (so far).

Anonymous said...

As usual the environmentalists have no solutions.Its getting to the point where we throw in the towel and tax the hell out of everyone for solar/wind and green energies.

Then if it all goes south we can say we told you so.Unfortunately we will be in such a deep debt hole we will be screwed.

On the flip side, we can build a transcanada pipeline to supply gas and oil to Europe and China and screw the Iranians completely.

I say we screw the Iranians completely.

the regina mom said...

Thank God for "the massive anti-oil, anti-corporate propganda (sic) campaign being waged by..." me "... and the Indians (sic)" You have no idea the size of my budget. It'd make you laugh to see how little I make in a year! Hell, it makes me laugh! But if I can sway one mind into thinking for itself rather than abiding by the propaganda emitted by Big Oil & Gas and their bedmates Steve & Joe, well then I'm a happy mom!

As to Anonymous's comment: There's no need to tax anyone. Ending the subsidies and tax breaks to Big Oil & Gas could fund the green energy industry-- and then some. Didn't your mom teach you to do your homework?