Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christy (Chavez) Clark - shakedown artist

Andrew Coyne: Clark's extortion attempt ..

The BC Conservatives are no better, it seems.


Anonymous said...

As a resident of Saskatchewan, and although i hate the childishness of tit-for-tat, i wouldn't mind if Premier Wall stated that,"In light of the attempt by the Premier of BC to hold our Oil exports hostage to her demands, the Province of Saskatchewan will work with industries in the province, notably grain,potash,mining and other resource companies, to begin to move our resources through other ports on the east coast or through the United States. It is regretable that thousands of shipping jobs will be lost in the shipyards of BC but my responsibility is to the people of Saskatchewan, not BC, and we cannot allow one province to negatively impact our economy to the extent that this decision impacts ours"

JR said...

That would certainly help to point out the absurdity of Clark's position. By the way, here are some comments from Vancouver Sun readers on the issue. There are some good ones.

Sean M said...

Great post Anon... just to let people east of BC know that Kristy Klark is only a caretaker Premier, as no one voted for her... she has yet to run and seek a mandate from the people of BC. If BC could have someone as rational and serious as Brad Wall we'd be much better off... don't rub it in. Please don't believe that Kristy the Klown represents the way British Columbians think, she's an idiot, a superficial nit wit, quit frankly, and despite her rhetoric and posturing she will be nothing more then a foot-note in this Provinces history.

Anonymous said...

First of all come on, who the hell cares what that twit Coyne thinks? Whether you agree with him or not he's just another damned loudmouth spouting off.

Second, if Clark continues her attempts to exthort money then all transport trucks coming out of BC should be subjected to excrutiatingly precise roadside safety inspections (and taken out of service) by Transport officers.

JR said...

True, Clark is an unelected, dimwit temp who won't be around much longer, but, unfortunately the anti-pipeline Dippers won't be any better, nor, apparently, are the BC Conservatives. They're all taking stupid positions on this thinking there's votes in it for them. Whoever wins will naturally take it as support for their idiocy and press on accordingly. Unless some sense can be pounded into them it's lose, lose, lose.