Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Attiwapi-scandal - where's the RCMP?

Ezra Levant:

Audit nightmare: The RCMP, not Harper, should be meeting with Chief Spence.


What the Media Party is ignoring:

Ezra's analysis and reporting on the Attiwapiskat scandal have been superb.  The rest of the media, with few exceptions, worse than useless.


bertie said...

I think there should be a National inquiry into the reporting practices of our Canadian Press.They are for the most part (except the Sun newspapers,Sun TV & Cfra radio)lacking any semblance to being newsworthy or honest in their reporting on news of Canadian interest. The reporters should all be dragged before commissions and questioned on their scam of the day front page stories and their lack of reporting on stories of national and world interest.

JR said...

I share the sentiment, bertie, and it would be interesting to see the various media outlets try to defend their practices but I can't see them agreeing to any inquiry. And I wouldn't want the government involved in any way (except maybe to get the CBC to answer for themselves).

Thucydides said...

Far better and more effective would be to simply point out to local and national advertizers that you will no longer partake of any product or service that is advertised on these rags, radio stations and TV shows.

Money talks

Anonymous said...

The protest should be named Audit No More.

dmorris said...

Unfortunately, Canada has different APPLICATION of the laws for different people. This has been well demonstrated over the last few decades. Caledonia?

While a Mayor of a small Canadian town of 1564 citizens would undoubtedly go to jail for 3 to 5 years for fraud,if he kept books like Spence does,Spence is an Indian/Native/Aboriginal/First Nations grand pooh-bah,and is untouchable.