Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: "You are so full of crap!!"


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dmorris said...

Nugent was right about Morgan,he doesn't "get it",and never will.Piers is a liberal idealist whose logic is utterly ridiculous;make another law to accompany the 50 existing gun control laws,and everything will be okay.

But not a word on Nugent's mention that all the shooters have been known to be mentally ill,and all were using prescribed psychotropic drugs.

Making new gun laws is EASY,while entering the quagmire of mental illness and the lack of treatment is extremely difficult.

Politicians love liberals,liberals always go for the "quick and easy" solution to everything,almost like they have a switch which turns off their ability to be skeptical whenever one of their heroes suggests an idea.

Piers Morgan is very much like our own liberal twit here in B.C., Bill Good, intellectual lightweight, easily sucked in to any easy solution,but never a critical weighing of the law of unintended consequences.