Saturday, July 13, 2013

George Zimmerman found not guilty

Not guilty of murder, not guilty of manslaughter.
... The jury ... deliberated 16 hours and 20 minutes over two days. The six female jurors entered the quiet, tense courtroom, several looking exhausted, their faces drawn and grim. After the verdict was read, each assented, one by one, and quietly, their agreement with the verdict.  
... Saturday night when the verdict was read, Mr. Zimmerman, 29, smiled slightly. His wife, Shellie, and several of his friends wept, and his parents kissed and embraced. ...

Update (via sda): Robert Zimmerman with CNN nitwit, Piers Morgan


Anonymous said...

The Chief of Police made a big show about how "they are going to have to take a closer look at who becomes a watcher".

After this? Who in the hell would want to?

Screw it. The cops like to present themselves as the big tough heroes. Fine, go be heroes. Is see nothing. I hear nothing.

Anonymous said...

The media must be so disappointed. Lets face it the media have been leading the lynch mob from day one. The media have been stoking the fires of hatred and mob "justice", lying, inciting hatred, and nurturing the divide in America ever since they put Oshitforbrains in the WH. Theres no doubt the media are in mourning that an innocent man was not lynched on the gallows of political correctness and mob rule. The only question now is whether the media will continue to foster hatred, nurture the divide, and continue their campaign for violence and vigilante justice. Will Oshitforbrains order a drone strike on Zimmerman, or will he get his Black Panther buddies to do the dirty work. "Progressives", Liberals want their pound of flesh because whether someone is innocent or not won't matter to these irrational open mouthed children. The truth is wrong because it's not "progressive", and there's no entity more "progressive' than the diseased media.

Anonymous said...

Now that the racial narrative has gone on for months, the Zimmerman story will be completely dropped and there will be nothing but crickets.

Anonymous said...

Good! I'm glad George is a free man. I hope he gets his gun back and then proceeds to defend himself again against the mob of Blacks that try and lynch him. I'm also glad that the Harper government is in the process of passing "Stand Your Ground" legislation here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Omar Khadar thing. I love how the family and the liberal media spun the story by using a picture of Trayvon when he was 10 years old.

Anonymous said...

This case perfectly defined an example of what western society has become.
On one hand you have Travyn Martin.

On his side you have the entrenched victims and the culture of entitlement (black community). You also have their allies, the race baiters, the "human rights" minority obsessed legal community and useless mainstream press. Also in this group are coward politicians who must suck hole to the press to remain in office. As well in this group you have the law enforcement leadership and government officials who are desperate to prove how "NON-RACIST" they are by trying to railroad an innocent man.

On the other hand you have the "non-entitled community"(taxpayers WHO WORK who do NOT consider themselves victims".
In this group are people who generally respect the law and are not engaged in criminal behavior or are actively trying to diminish it through direct effort (nieghbourhood watch).

These people are often employed in jobs that produce a direct identifiable result (serving customers, producing goods ect - NOT WRITING OR RUNNING FOR OFFICE OR GOVERNMENT PAPER SHUFFLING).

A mini civil war is going on in the western world between those who engage in what has tradtionally made western countries successful and those who contribute little but benefit much but wish to give orders to the former group.