Saturday, June 14, 2014

Radically pro-abortion Canadian press too extreme even for an American liberal

Melinda Gates' reaction to obsessively pro-abortion Canadian journalists ..."the Gates Foundation has decided not to fund abortion."  

Ezra Levant discusses:

Interesting! Canadian pro-abortion media jackals are so extreme that they drove an American liberal philanthropist to adopt Stephen Harper's position on not funding abortion.  I wonder if this will be mentioned anywhere in the Samestream Media.


Anonymous said...

How awesome is that!!!

Good on the Gates Foundation!

And good on PM Harper for taking a principled position and sticking to it!

Al in Cranbrook

Anonymous said...

I also commend PM Harper for his principled position and his respect for a women's right to choose. PM Harper has refused to bend and neal to the extreme right winged facet who still think that women belong barefooted, pregnant and in the kitchen. When PM Harper blocked Conservative backbencher Rod Bruinooge's attempt to make a criminal out of a women who wishes to choose a medical procedure to end a pregnancy, this truly showed that Harper is a progressive in protecting women's rights in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, the rabid pro abortionists, which includes the intolerant, stridently out of touch lefty media, are like a pack of psychotic jackals baying for the blood of the unborn... It would be very difficult for anyone with a conscience to want to be associated with these blood thirsty "progressives". No doubt the ideologically stunted, screeching jackals that represent the Canadian media establishment didn't do their agenda of ignorance any favours with their disturbing behaviour.

JR said...

Jeremy, You come off sounding like an extreme left-wing pro-abortion ideologue who sees no problem with abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason including sex-selection.

And you misrepresent Rod Bruinooge's proposed bill which would NOT criminalize a woman for choosing abortion. Rather, it proposed criminalizing anyone who threatened or intimidated her into choosing abortion. I can sympathize with Bruinooge's sentiment but proving such a thing in court would seem rather difficult.