Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An expatriate comments on the election of JT as PM

Gavin McInnes:"Canada just elected an idiot"


Anonymous said...

What a cry baby. Harper was doing nothing useful with his power. He had no agenda, just a desire for power.

GG said...

I didn't bother with McInnes, not because I might disagree with him.

I am just sick of political commentary even when it's from the right. Give me facts, opinions I can come up with on my own.

That being said, I agree, it's true Turdo is an idiot. Maybe he's a nice guy. Maybe he's kind & considerate. It doesn't matter. He's a lightweight.

I only wish Harper had moved faster. Incrementalism was fine for a minority government but not for majorities.

Bec said...

It is sadly, bang on.

This was the most orchestrated, controlled, 'Get rid of (not PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER but..) Harper. Disgust that went beyond the best campaign minds in the CpoC. The "3rd party media" made it happen. CPoC didn't see this level of bs, lies, propaganda and brain washing coming at this tsunami level. It was brutal

AS I have sat back and evaluated, noted stuff I noticed that for example, the same names would disrupt the encouraging dialogue on the many Conservative FB pages. It would disrupt the positive conversations and although I was sensing a pattern, didn't put 1+1 together, that it was intentional until I reviewed my notes. They were the same people. Planned? Indeed it was planned.

The miserable and holy crap, non-stop Trudeau ads on the radio and TV were a bizarre form of brain washing and obviously they worked. I was blown away at how much money they must have spent.
Likely a metaphor for the mentality of what we are about to endure.

WE are faced with an 'instant gratification', entitled mentality that has been developed amongst many. Our populations that vote really lousy provincial leadership, over, and over and over again but then do the same federally this election? It's a mindset and they are programmed to take, not give.

Their choice this time federally is BECAUSE of their choices provincially and eventually they will have to own their major screw up because it will be.

Justin Trudeau will be worse than his Father and that is why we are here today. His name is TRUDEAU and it has been orchestrated. Not for Canada but for the Liberal party.

Every time we do something so right and great for an entire country, we go back to the stupid stage. This is our stupid stage.

Oceandiva said...

The reason you saw so much disgusting vitriol and so many personal attacks is because Trudeau spawn was assisted by the dregs of Obama's campaign team. Sadly, the technique works on idiots and (evidently) suicidal citizens.

Anonymous said...

Its increasingly difficult to care about a country so stupid that they would elect someone so utterly unqualified, its embarrassing and depressing. We have elected a moron, a complete idiot as are PM. I'm also concerned with the amount of money the "Liberals" were able to spend on advertising... where did the "Liberals" get all that cash... George Soros? Did the legacy Media run the ads for free or at a discount? Did the UN funnel cash to the "Liberals" or the Media? Someone was funneling cash to the corrupt "Liberals" and it sure as hell wasn't Canadians.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the Liberals backroom boys deserve credit........they have elected Forrest Gump as PM.

Anonymous said...

I listened to a CPAC call in show this week and all the young callers said they voted for the first time...for Trudeau, because he was going to legalize their marijuana. That's the extent of this election...POT WON!!

lee woo said...

The comics I hate are thieves. Nothing's more disgusting than a guy who steals another person's ideas and tries to claim them as his own. See the link below for more info.