Sunday, October 25, 2015

Another strike against Peter MacKay

In March of this year Justice Minister Peter MacKay appointed Marie-Claude Landry, Ad.E., as the Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission for a seven-year term.

Since then it has become increasingly apparent that she is little more than partisan activist who has little understanding of either "human rights" or her own role as an appointed government employee (aka "hack").  Immediately following boy-Justin's big victory she proved this beyond a doubt by releasing this partisan affront to common sense.

Ezra Levant elaborates:

Imagine the damage that will be done by this nimrod with the Trudeau Liberal nimrods in power!

Were the choices of possible conservative appointees completely non-existent?  And even if that were so could Peter MacKay not have found even one Liberal with half a clue?  Horrible judgement, Peter!  We lose! Big time!


Martin said...

This is appalling behaviour for a public servant. A blatant partisan attack on the policies of the current cabinet, written,under a letterhead of The Government of Canada. I thought there were rules to prevent obvious political activity by public servants, I guess they don't apply to Ms Landry. What is one to do, Take it to the CHRC?
Several of the initiatives she demands parliament address, are far removed from her stated mandate, 2 and 4 specifically.
Her mandate is to await cases brought to her attention, not to troll for new abuses or create imagined HR violations, and certainly not to advise parliament.
She will be around 8 years far longer than her appointees, MacKay might have considered this and put due effort into appointing a serious candidate.

JR said...

Couldn't agree more, Martin.

I know it's probably tough if not impossible to find a conservative to fill the job, and I don't know how MacKay went about choosing this one but surely he could have done better than this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe she slipped through the cracks and had a coming out when Trudeau became elected PM. She sounds like all the other lefties during the water?...murdered and missing women?....Sounds like she thinks with Trudeau being elected everything is going to be MAGIC and sunny.

Anonymous said...

Blaming Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay for "not being conservative enough" is pointless. Is there no conservative version of a Rocco Galati to take on the HRC Chief Commissioner?

However, whoever that person might be, attempting to challenge the Chief Commissioner ... is she actually overstepping her bounds? According to the HRC website, she may not be.
"Our Mandate
The Commission protects the core principle of equal opportunity and promotes a vision of an inclusive society free from discrimination by:
promoting human rights through research and policy development ..."

So, it appears that Ms. Landry can tell Parliament what to do and given most judges' propensity -- at whatever level -- to read into the Charter of Rights and the Constitution whatever they want, it seems the lady is going to get all her asks. To paraphrase a famous movie quote: "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy 4 years!"
-- Gabby in QC

JR said...

That's a helluva distressing thought. But I don't doubt it for a minute.

Martin said...

Distressing doesn't begin to cover it. Can we expect government to reinstall Clause 13? It seems that Jr is intent on removing, redoing anything Stephen Harper accomplished. That is a juvenile way to approach government administration, but so far that looks like his goal.
Still how does the mandate cover "ensuring that all people in Canada have access to safe drinking water and adequate housing"
How can that be described as a Human Right?

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens once the transition period is over. Once that is over, reality may take hold. Goals like "access to safe drinking water and adequate housing" may have the same fate as the Red book promises of day care & Kyoto.

For instance, today on Power & Politics, former ON Deputy Minister of Immigration Naomi Alboim injected a dose of reality on the Syrian refugees question. She implied that Trudeau's promise of bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by year's end could not and should not be done. The aim of the exercise is not speed but effectiveness: security checks, criminality checks, health checks, logistics of moving them from there to here, and then what? Where to house them? To clothe them? Even though she kept saying that 25,000 was a good number and that maybe Canada could do even more, the subtext was let's go slowly on this. IOW, what PM Harper said all along.

All questions that "Sunny Ways" Trudeau forgot to think about ... even though his mantra was "I/We/The Liberal Party have/has a plan". Maybe Deputy Ministers will knock a little bit of sense into him. One can only hope!
-- Gabby in QC